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Believing in yourself


In this article,you will learn:

  • How to create belief in yourself
  • How to change old beliefs into new,supportive,powerful,empowering beliefs that will build a powerful, deserving and well-being.
  • Transform your life and every aspect of it,to have confidence in the Lord as the source of energy

Before we go into details,let’s look at what is confidence!

Confidence is “energy”, some exude it more than others.Confidence is like  electric power that is pumped into your house. It is invisible,we need to access it. Think of  flipping a switch on the wall.

Confidence versus insecurity…

Confidence is at the top while insecurity is at the bottom.If you are not confident, then you’re insecure!

Your confidence switch moves up and down depending on what you’re doing,thinking and saying.

What determines your confidence?

Beliefs-If you have a belief that you’re insecure person,even when you start to feel confident, you’re insecure beliefs will kick in and start feeling insecure.

Emotions-have opposing ends for example, the opposite of love is hate,the opposite of happiness is sadness and the opposite of stress is peace.

Keep in mind that you’re emotional energy is available and will respond based on desire.

Energy can be created through,thoughts,word and action.Creative energy keeps your confidence on high while destructive energy keeps them on low side.

Watch this video and see how creative energy can do to people.

After watching, how do you define yourself??

Write what your beliefs are?

List which beliefs are supportive and destructive.

Everything that you have right now has all been  impacted by all your beliefs. And these beliefs can sabotage your success. So make changes and your life will be different!

Have a blessed day and wish you all the success

Charles and Joyce Kaluwasha

Viral Express Marketing



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