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Best Vacation Membership In the World

  • “Save up to 90% off Resorts Worldwide. Enjoy Airfare, Hotel, Cruise, and Car Rental Discounts too!”Global Resorts Network is a Travel Discount Program that allows you to enjoy up to 90% off room rates at 3, 4, and 5 star properties in over 5000 destinations worldwide.
    These rooms are not rooms facing brick walls, but rather prime views in 1,2, or 3 bedroom suites.
    Weekly room rates (includes all taxes) range between $398 – $799 per week….never more.
    There are no hidden costs….everything is up front and guaranteed.
    Our membership has many advantages including:
    • Unlimited Guest Weeks *
    • $398 Hot Weeks
    • Unbeatable Cruise Deals
    • Amazing Hotel Discounts
    • Incredible Airfare Deals
    • Unbeatable Car Rental Discounts
    • “Beyond Your Expectations”
      Customer Service
    • No Dues or Maintenance Fees
    • Hassle free
    • Online Booking System

    Membership Options
    We have some options when joining Global Resorts Network.

    Join Global Resorts Network

    • All memberships last 100 years and are willable, sellable, and transferable for a $75 one-time fee.
    • Over 5000 resort properties are listed in over 60 countries. Imagine the bargaining power compared to one home-based resort!
    • Members have been satisfied since 1986.


    GRN Resort Locations     worldwide                             
    View a sample of the Resorts before You Buy.
    Global Resorts Network offers something for everyone!
    We have many resorts included in the Registry that you may already be familiar with such as: Sheraton, Marriott, Wyndham, and even some Hilton resorts.
    Would you prefer to stay in a houseboat or a catamaran? We have something for everyone!
    Discount Cruises

    Some Incredible Resorts Deals

    Global Resorts members also receive exclusive access to many of the resorts available to Timeshare owners only.
    Not only will you save hundreds if not thousands each time you travel but you will also have enjoy many other benefits as a vacation club member.
    Simply click on the link below to view a sample of the resorts within the GRN membership. You’ll need the username and password below.


    username:    resort
    password:   lookfor

    This is what you will get as a GRN Travel Club Member.

    Hotel Discounts – 75,000 Hotels with a best rate guarantee
    Flights – Earn air miles & Clickable Seats
    Last Minute – Get up & go from 3 hours up to 3 weeks in advance
    Save Rate – Special savings offering a 110% match guarantee
    Vacations- Customize your vacation. Air + car rental + Hotel
    Car Rentals – WTC will find you the best rate available
    Farebuzz Flights – Amazing airfare deals
    Octopus Travel – Exclusive hotel properties in Europe and Asia
    Attractions & Tickets – Tours, Shows, & Attractions

    When you are convinced of the benefits, then click here to get your membership

    Enjoy Life!

    Charles Kaluwasha



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