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Do you remember the 1980s when Yuppies were all the rage? Yuppies was the buzz word for “Young Urban Professionals.”In today’s difficult economic climate, Yuppies have been replaced by Duppies“Depressed Urban Professionals” as the result of a tight job market and massive layoffs, with more on the horizon.

Could It Happen To You?
With layoffs at an all time high, many professionals do not feel as secure as they would like. Statistics don’t lie … according to government labor statistics …

  • 8.7 million individuals are unemployed and looking for jobs.
  • Another 4.8 million people are “underemployed”, meaning they can’t find full time work.
  • Approximately 6% of Americans are unemployed.

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Do you have a backup plan? What would you do if you were handed a pink slip tomorrow?

What’s Your Plan B?
Today, many in the work force are securing their future with our company. We offer self-motivated individuals the chance to create a significant profit working full or part time. Whether you’re looking to make a career change, make something additional, or supplement your retirement … you should take a look at our business.

Not Sure You Have The Time?
Most of our members have built their business part time, while holding down a day job. With our automated system, you can build a profit … using emails just like this one.

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See you @ the top,

Charles Kaluwasha
Virtual Success Team
(206) 801-1910

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