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Building relationships through Social Media

Hey, Charles! Your profile blew me away! We have a lot in common. Pharmacology nursing…
You are sharp and it takes a lot of hard work and to persevere🔥👍 especially for immigrant.
What do you do now?

This morning someone from Canada in boxed me the above text on my Facebook profile. This lady is  a Professor in the same field that I studied and specialized. Becoming a professor is not easy. It takes hard work,sacrifices and sleepless nights. Above all, you have to pay a lot of fees. Some lack folks get a grant from the government. I have seen many students taking loans to complete any specialized course. It’s a burden because they have to repay that in their life time, that is if they secure a better job.

I was blessed when I did my Master’s degree in Nursing. The organisation I worked for sponsored me and paid 50% of the total fees. The other 50% was from my salary. Total cost of the course was approximately $18,247 including text books,transport,research projects and other incidentals. Because I was working full-time,it took me 5 years to get Master of Nursing degree(Clinical). As she stated above, it is hard work!

Now I am enjoying the fruits of my hard work. I receive qualification allowance every pay-day… awesome!

This is what we call residual income! You work once and get paid over and over from your earlier work! The ultra rich people invest all their money in ventures that will bring them income on auto pilot. That is why you see them lazing about,playing golf while others are slaving away trying to chase the dollar.

If you want to live this kind of lifestyle, invest in your personal development! Find a coach or mentor, do not go it alone. That is the common mistake many people make. In everything that I do, whether personal,professional or working on-line, I engage a mentor!

We have a mentoring program, open to entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level. We provide one-on-one mentoring course at a competitive price. You will be provided with an experienced mentor to look over your shoulder while building a profitable business.

You will not be left alone to figure out things, but have a community of experienced marketers on your side to help and answer any question you may have. We are here to help you meet your goals.

We also conduct webinars every week, you can register your interest by entering  your name and active email here. Inside you will listen to a recorded webinar by our Executive mentor, Christy Ivkovich

Looking forward to building a strong relationship with you soon!


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