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Building Your Team With Viral Markting

The term viral marketing was derived from its ability to multiply, much like a virus. Most viral advertising occurs online. The Internet is the perfect medium for viral marketing because of the speed at which information travels from one person to another. Since the Internet spans the globe, information can pass from computer to computer at cyber speed … and multiply just as fast as the spread of viruses infection. Viruses reduplicate and grow at a fastest speed one would imagine.

Viral marketing started in 1996 and since then there has been a lot of hype about viral marketing.You have to separate the genuine viral marketing from the hype.

Now let’s look at the characteristics of good viral marketing.
In the business world, Viral Marketing is the act of providing something of value for FREE. When an individual receives good value at no cost to them, human nature compels them to pass it on to others. Let’s say you have a viral website that you share with 10 people, who in turn share it with 10, who in turn share it with 10, the website is now in the hands of 1,000 people around the world. When this type of viral multiplication repeats just 3 more times, an amazing 1 million people will be in front of your website.

When using the viral marketing, you must provide tangible products that are easily transferable,products that have value to your niche and products that are free.

When people see value in the service your are providing, it will spread like fire and within weeks, every one will know you.These people in turn will pass on information to friends,work mates and customers there by building your team on your behalf.

So start spreading the news now and you will be amazed at what viral marketing campaign can do for you

Remember, this $1,297 system is completely FREE for both you and your team. To share this with your team members,share this article but BE SURE TO REPLACE MY USERNAME WITH YOURS at the end of the URL above. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or need assistance with your back office.

All the best,

Charles Kaluwasha
Viral eXpress Charter Member
(206) 801-1910

Even when opportunity knocks a man still has to get up off
his seat and open the door! ~ General Douglas MacArthur

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