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Caller ID Phones Are Necessary For Your Business At Home

Time is money in the great world of the home office. There is little time for none sense like telemarketers and other personal phone calls. However, informing friends and family members that I am working at home during this certain time is not enough to prevent them from calling every time they thought of something important to say.

And there is no stopping the telemarketers that are trying to sell me products or convince me to participate in surveys. I needed caller ID phones that would help me screen calls during business hours and keep my home business motoring along smoothly.

It was easy to find a great design of caller ID phones with cool features to meet my needs because there are many of styles to choose from. Some have displays right on the receiver that makes me keep track of incoming calls no matter what I’m doing or wherever I am in my home.

Others offer stationary display bases with screens big and bright enough to easily be seen from across the room. This was a great choice for my actual office space to help me track calls throughout the day without having to answer every single one during working hours. I even moved my answering machine upstairs so the voice of my mom or best pal wouldn’t be able to distract me from important work at hand!

Once I selected a particular caller ID phone for my home, the next step was to order the actual call identification service from the phone company and I was good to go. Most companies will offer a package that includes this service and numerous others, like call waiting or voice messaging.

The name and number of the person calling appeared on my caller ID phone the first time it rang once the service was set up. From then on I could grab calls from important clients right away and ignore the others by letting my answering machine handle them.

The other advantage to having caller ID phones is that my evenings are not taken up in conversations with telemarketers. During family dinners, I can easily see who is on the line to determine if I need to pick up right away or wait until after our meal to return the call. My family time is now filled with fewer unwanted interruptions, just like my workdays.

Now I can choose which calls I want to answer and which I to leave for the answering machine until later. For the ultimate in convenience and time management, caller ID phones are definitely the way to go!

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