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Can this be your last Chance in Life?

There Is A Old Saying : In Life You Only Get 3 Chances –
What if This is Your Last Chance ?

In life each one of us is exposed to many  opportunities but not many pay

attention to those available opportunities. They brush them off or  say that one

is not for  me….

While others grab them and progress well in life…(those who see the potential)

A new ads cash opportunity is being launched to serve the advertising world.

Signups Happening Every Minute From All Around The World !

Yesterday,there were 1,400+ Signups In A 24 Hour Period And At This Rate
We Will Hit 2,000 Signups A Day In The Next 48 Hours And Then 5000
Signups A Day In About A Week From Now and Ultimately
10,000 Signups A Day BY Launch !

Can You See The Gradual Increase In Numbers ? 🙂

India , USA , Russia , Greece , Nigeria in Massive Momentum


Think About It ?

How Many Times You Got A Chance To Be In The Beginning

Of The Next Billion $$$$ Company ?

How Many Times In your life you Got An Opportunity Where you Can

Potentially  multiply 100x Your Investment In A 12 month Period  ?

( With Launch Price of 2.5 Cents – It is not impossible for us to hit $25 or more

in next 12-24 months especially with our level of coin circulation and usage )

Members will be purchasing the Ads cash from the day we start the launch at

ICO price of 2.5 cents which will increase gradually based on the circulation and applications

For those who have seen the concept,will start to get fully focussed and decide on how many coins

they are going to grab on launch day + what action they will take from now
till launch to explode your teams virally !

The Vision ? 

To Become #1 Crypto currency in the world in online advertising space

What bitcoin is to the world of investing ,Ads cash will become  the world of online advertising

 Target Price Point ?

As mentioned earlier,we are hopeful to reach at least $1 to $5 in about 90-120
days from now and $10-$30 in 12 to 24 months

The ultimate target price in next 3 years will be $100 per coin
and the company is already building a corporate team of techies ,
corporate relationship executives and so on……

Advice to affiliates…,

There could not be an easier way than this to all of you to
become millionaires

All you really got to be doing is Buying the coin cheap in launch at ICO prices ,

holding it and then selling it off at your target price.
This is the way many of them will easily 10x to 100x their investment
in next 12 months. So the more number of coins you pick in ICO stage ,

better it is for you. Can you see the  potential in grabbing this opportunity?

Think Bitcoins – people who picked bitcoins when it was less than a $1

and sold it at $1000 have already made 1000x their money
History can always repeat itself….
Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card
Also the effort which you put right now in building your teams massively

will make you residual massive commissions for life….

Its easiest in prelaunch to build massive teams and it is that phase in a company

which only happens once

This is the time to work 12 hour days , send as many clicks as you can ,

do the maximum you can and not the minimum and just basically telling
everyone and anyone in the world about Ads Cash!

Time to get that time and financial freedom

How many people you will calling everyday and sharing about
ads cash opportunity

How Many clicks a day you will be sending to your adscash referral links

How many new people a day you will be contacting on facebook

everyday to share about Ads Cash opportunity ?

How many Fb groups you will be posting about ads cash 

How many sms you will be sending everyday talking about ads cash ?

Its action time – let’s do it !

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