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Why you haven’t succeeded with money…

Why aren’t you wealthy yet?

Are you simply not “able” to make the money you want?
Are you not “wealth material”?
Are you just destined to struggle forever?

Garbage.  All of it.

The reason you don’t have the financial freedom you want is because…


A war between money and your soul…
A war between wealth and your spiritual path…
A war between your desire for financial freedom and your need for meaning…

Did that just sideswipe you?  Does that seem insane?

Good… because it’s the truth nobody’s telling you…

And Dr. Joe Vitale wants to show you the way out

You’re a good person.  You want a life of meaning, passion, and significance.

You can’t help it… because, while you want money… you’re not ALL about the money…

You want more.

But because your desire for meaning clashes with your ideas with money…

You struggle, and struggle, and struggle…

This is your ticket to financial freedom

Dr. Joe Vitale’s Awakened Millionaire Academy gives you what you need to finally unlock the life of wealth, meaning, and passion you’ve always hoped possible…

But you must say yes.
You must have the courage to GO THERE.

Do you have the courage?

http://cvklm.awakenedm.hop.clickbank.net/?x=joinSay yes.

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

mans hand holds a suitcase with dollars

mans hand holds a suitcase with dollars

[GIFT] Take the Spiritual Wealth Challenge…

My good friend Dr. Joe Vitale is on a wild, bold, and passionate mission…

And it’s all about you.

You. Your money. And your soul…

… and having more of all of it.. at the same time.

*   More money.
*   More spiritual growth.
*   More impact.
*   More meaning.

He wants to introduce you to a whole new side of life you can only see through a “spiritual wealth” mindset.

And he just announced his free 7-day Awakened Millionaire Challenge to do just that

And… what is the reward?

This is his promise:

When you combine money and spirituality, you make MORE money and experience MORE spiritual awakening.

Not separately.


At the same time.


Sign up here for the free 7-day Awakened Millionaire Challenge

I’ll tell you one thing…

I’m not missing this.  Will I see you there?

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

P.S. This Awakened Millionaire Challenge is only open until April 10th.

Don’t miss out on these 7 days of spiritual wealth awakening

How to turn ideas into offers…which convert to dollars

Imagine what would be possible if you converted your best ideas into compelling offers? People are intrigued by an idea, but an idea is too fuzzy by itself, it must be upgraded into an offer… an offer that a person can actually purchase. Mark channels over $20M of proven, info-marketing expertise into this fast and fun episode. http://myinvisibleempire.com/

Recovery with HydroFX Treatment Protocols

Natural way of keeping your body alkaline

Natural way of keeping your body alkaline

Developed by Dr Ranga Premaratna-PhD-
Food and Nutrition Science, at The Return to Wellness Centre
Research on Molecular Hydrogen has shown it to be a super
effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory agent and to assist the body in maintaining
an alkaline balance.
Take 1 to 3 Recovery with HydroFX, three times daily.
For best results when starting with Recovery with HydroFX:
Start by taking 1 tablet 3 times daily for 2 days. Recovery can have a detoxifying
effect on the body and some users have reported detoxification symptoms when
beginning to use the product. These can present as flu like symptoms, achy
muscles and joints. These are only temporary and are normally a sign that the
body is releasing toxins and beginning to heal itself.
Have a loading phase for 2 weeks to a month where 3 Recovery are taken 3 times a
This will help to support detoxification and elimination systems in the body in
their functions and reduce any inflammation quickly optimizing your health. After
this phase if you are in good health you can reduce your daily dosage.
Specific Treatments: These protocols can be followed after starting
with the product for a few days on a low level dose.
Tension Headaches-Start with 2 tablets of RHFX. If no relief felt within ten
minutes, take 3 more then take 3 more in three hours.
Migraines-Take 5-8 tablets to start and then 4 every four hours until pain is
Muscle Spasms-If severe take 5-8 tablets to start and then 3 every four
Mild Spasms-Take 3 tablets three times daily until spasms stop.
Joint Pain-Take 3 tablets three to six times daily. Starting with 3 times daily and
moving the frequency up until pain is relieved. Then reduce daily amount until a
comfort level is achieved with no pain.This applies to arthritis and gout.
Allergies/Hayfever-Take 3-4 tablets three times daily until symptoms are relieved.
Alkalising-Take 3 tablets three times daily for one week, then reduce to 1tablet
three times daily.
Antioxidant-Take 2-3 tablets three times daily for one week, then reduce to 1 three times daily to maintain.
Athletic Performance–Take 6–15 tablets daily for the first month.-This depends on how heavy you are and how intensely you work out. For best and fastest results, use the top range of these suggestions.-Daily schedule-Take 1-5 tablets in the morning when you wake up and then 4-6 tablets, 20-30 minutes before you train/compete.
Before bed, take another 1-5 tablets (or have these after your workout if you use 7.2 Alkaline Boosters before bed)-
After one month, the daily amount can be reduced and maintained at a comfortable level if desired.
Water Treatment–Use Recovery with HydroFX Powder. Add 12 scoops to 1.5 liters of water(equivalent of 6 tablets) and drink throughout the day. As our water,
even filtered or alkaline water is still oxidized: Recovery changes it to antioxidant
These statements and patient examples have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Patient and consumer outcomes may vary and your individual results may vary significantly from those mentioned in this article. Please see a qualified health care practitioner before engaging in any health program or supplement protocol.

We have many incredible stories from people using sevenpoint2 products.


Sevenpoint2 global representative

How to create a Free Bitcoin Wallet

mans hand holds a suitcase with dollars

mans hand holds a suitcase with dollars

An Important Update for Click Intensity Members

To streamline the payments globally , Click Intensity has decided on 3 modes of global payment soon after Launch.

1) Bitcoin – 0 % Transaction Fees !

No matter which country in the world you are , you can create a Free Bitcoin Wallet at

==>> www.Blockchain.info/wallet


==>> www.Coinbase.Com

Now Once You Have Your Bitcoin Address , All You Will Need To Do Is Submit Your Bitcoin Address In Your User Profile In Click Intensity Along With Your Picture ID Proof ! ( These two options to submit your bitcoin address and picture id proof  was  live from 27th onwards )

Now once you have a payout request ( Minimum amount required for payout request will be $25 = 1000 Gold Coins ) And Your Payout Will Be Processed In Bitcoins Based On That Day’s Bitcoin To USD Rate !

All Payouts will be manually reviewed and processed within 24 hours and also admin will upload the payout confirmation receipt.

Once you have the bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet , now you can withdraw it using 100’s of ways – in almost all the countries in the world right now you have bitcoin exchangers , bitcoin associated cards etc…

All you need to do is a simple search in Google – Buy / Sell Bitcoins In XXXX where XXX is your country name !

Second Option would be to keep your bitcoins as a investment or a % which is highly recommended as bitcoin is the current and future of digital currency and looking at the way we are growing and so is whole Crypto Currency Market – I do see it increasing in near future !

Will Suggest all of you to do these 2 things asap

a) Set up a bitcoin wallet at www.Blockchain.info/wallet or www.Coinbase.Com

b) Get it linked to a exchanger/debit card merchant etc so you can buy sell bitcoins easily…..

Examples :

India – Zebpay App – Best for buying/selling bitcoins

USA – Swift Cards which you can use as Visa Debit cards linked directly to your bitcoin wallets

Hongkong – Bitcashout.com – where in 2 hours you can get bitcoins coins converted into $$ and in your account

Also many tier countries in the world have Bit Coin ATM’s now and many more coming around the world !

Bottom line – It’s super easy to set up a bitcoin wallet and then get paid in it and then withdraw that bitcoin converted into $$$ in your account

For those of you who are set up with digital currencies like STP , Payza can send your bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet to STP/Payza bitcoin wallet and hence get it funded and withdraw from there also..

So there is no one way – but multiple ways…

The Key is – We pay you in bitcoins – you get paid in 24 hours , you get those bitcoins – you can either keep them , spend them , save them or gift them…It’s Up to You !

Easy Global Business

2) Bank Wires : There will be a 1 % Processing fees and a minimum of $30 pounds per Bank Wire anywhere in The World !

For this you will need to submit your Complete Bank Account details with picture id proof , address proof and last 6 months bank statement

Option to do this was live from 27th !

Once we receive your request , it will take 24 hours for us to process it and you will get it within 3-5 business days !

3) Member to member – You have money/gold coins and a team and a lot of your team mates are starting up and will always need to buy packs/goldcoins etc and hence you can help them with gold coins transfer with a minimum 1 % internal transfer fees and they can pay you in any way you like – that is between you and the member !

With these 3 modes of payment , we pretty much cover the whole world !

Lets get busy in taking action ( especially the bitcoin part i.e setting up bitcoin wallet and linking with an exchanger and doing some test buy’s and sells so you are all set up from 28th onwards).

Hope this helps – Nick !

Tag everyone in your team on this post so they benefit and are ready to cash BIG.

You may have seen on our Facebook, how guys are  cashing in commissions in $1000’s of dollar just 3 days after launch.

If you have any  question or comment,please  drop me a line.


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