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Cryptocurrency regulatory board boost confidence for Investors in Australia

With the recent of passing a new legislation on the eco-system, Australian Government truly demonstrates a commitment to taking the necessary steps to legitimise cryptocurrencies as an asset class. This suggest that the Government is willing to see the development of this industry as opposed to be against cryptocurrency trading.

That means all Digital Currency Exchange(DCE) Organisation should be up to the standards set by the government regulatory body(Austrac). This will drop the many DCE we have seen emerging in the last few months trying to inflate the prices of Bitcoin.

One of the first organisation to be included in the Australian Government’s Austrac DCE register is CoinTree. Austrac described this as an effort  to “boost consumer confidence in the sector”, ensuring that all cryptocurrency exchanges are operating legally and providing ethical business practices to ensure the safety and best user experience. All exchanges were from  3rd of April, until the next six months to get up to date with the government’s regulations.

“Registering with AUSTRAC and adhering to these new regulations are essential to the progress and strength of the Cryptocurrencies eco-system”.

This is good news for Australian investors, local activity shows confidence in the future of cryptocurrencies. Australian government has passed new legislation that demonstrates a commitment to taking the necessary steps to legitimise cryptocurrencies as an asset class.

We shall see many millionaires in the next 12 months or so.


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Earn More Money and Work Less Hours Automating Important Tasks & Tools

Did you know you could be leaving potential income & profit on the table by not using productivity tools?There are only so many hours in the day and no matter how long and hard you work, there is always more work that needs to be done. With the 24/7 Layers of Leadership optional productivity tools, you can create more income, traffic and members, by working less! Yes, we said by working less!! Every successful entrepreneur knows that the more productivity can be automated, the more money they make and the less time they need to invest. Get started with the 24/7 Layers of Leadership productivity tools.

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Most savvy networkers today understand the value of multiple streams of income. Having a diverse portfolio of profitable income streams simultaneously reduces risk and dramatically increases revenue. These productivity tools, when used with the system, also generate fully automatic enrollment and put money in the pocket of you and your team.

You will find  these optional building and productive tools inside your back office.

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How To Get Started Right Now As A Crypto Investor


Ever wonder why some people manage to get rich super quick and easy… while others struggle with investing and lose money all the time?

Well, my friend Brian Fouts has been meeting with and studying hundreds of millionaires… who came from all walks of life (rich, poor, smart or not, young or old).

And he’s discovered the ONE THING that sets them apart from everyone else.

What is it?

They’ve leveraged their “Unique Personality” to get rich.

In fact, his research shows there are FIVE “unique personalities” to getting rich. And he’s created a quiz to help you figure out which one you are.

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See, if you’re struggling to grow your wealth, invest or make more money… it’s probably because you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

You’re using investment and business strategies that just don’t work… and may NEVER work… for you.

That’s crazy right?

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How Much Support Do You Get From Your Upline or Coach?

Promises , promises are the  marketing tricks that drive away team members.

So often  new  business online marketers are promised to be supported by their team leaders when they join a company or an affiliate opportunity.

But as soon as they pay the fees, their team leaders are nowhere to be seen.

The poor new man or women is left to figure it alone.

This frustrates the new businessonline markerter and quits.

On the following video, you will learn how I do support  my team members when they join me in any business opportunity. If you do not any help from your upline team members, I can be of good help…

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