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The Magic Traffic Authority on Track

Do you look at “success stories” and wonder why some

people seem to just GET IT while others struggle and

struggle ­­ never truly making it happen?

I’ve wondered the same thing…

… and only recently figured out WHY this is happening.

Here’s the thing…

Most people starting an online business whether it’s

affiliate marketing, network marketing, or another type

of home business seem to MISS the most critical part.


Because you’re not being told the TRUTH!

If you’re in the game to make a real business work…

If you’re building for the long term, not just for the

here and now…

And if you’re going to COMMIT to learning the skills

and getting the tools necessary to make it happen!

This video shows you how to complete all of the

steps super easy, and start filling your prospect

list with highly qualified leads that are WAITING

to hear more about YOUR business.



Charles Kaluwasha



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8 Reasons Why You Would Want To Join Now The Most Profitable Business

My mentor and developer of pluginprofitsite.com Stone Evans had this to say:

“I was asked by my good friend Charlie Page over at
DirectoryOfEzines.com for the top reasons people join
the Plug-In Profit Site. This isn’t edited and it’s
totally stream of consciousness from me, but I thought
you would be interested.

Here’s the top 8 reasons that shot like lightning out
of my brain in the 15 minutes that it took me to write this up…

1. You would like to have your own professional
e-commerce website but don’t have the time, money or
know-how to set one up yourself. The Plug-In Profit
Site builds your fully customizable e-commerce website
for you (with free setup) within 24 hours.

2. You would like to have your own opt-in email list
and proven email follow-up campaign but you don’t have
the time or know-how to set one up yourself. The
Plug-In Profit Site provides you with full
autoresponder setup and a fully-customizable
pre-written 400-day email follow up campaign along with
step-by-step instructions to grow your own opt-in email
list to any size you want – automatically.

3. You would like to learn how to drive traffic and
sales to your website and affiliate program offers but
you don’t know how. The Plug-In Profit Site provides
you with a complete 30 Days to Success training guide
that walks you step-by-step through the process of
attracting traffic to your website and affiliate offers
and making money online. You will also receive free
traffic bonuses including 1,000 category targeted
visitors to your website for free, a responsive list of
5,000 people you can contact by email on your very
first day, 25 free lifetime links pointing back to your
website to provide traffic and a natural boost to your
search engine rankings, along with many additional free
and low cost step-by-step methods for pulling in
interested visitors and buyers to your website and affiliate offers.

4. You would like a mentor to show you how to make
money online (someone who is really doing it themselves
and has been for many years) but you don’t have the
money to pay for expensive training programs or
personal coaching. Stone Evans, the founder of the
Plug-In Profit Site will hold your hand (figuratively)
and walk you step-by-step through the exact process he
uses to make a full-time income by promoting
high-quality, in-demand affiliate products online. If
you can read simple instructions and know how to copy
and paste, you can start making money online by
following Stone’s simple instructions.

5. You know people are making money online and you know
there are good programs out there, but you don’t know
how to tell the difference between what’s legit and
what’s not, what works and what doesn’t. Stone Evans
has joined and tested hundreds of home business
opportunities and affiliate programs over the last 10
years and out of many thousands of hours of relentless
testing, he’s separated the wheat from the chaff and
found a handful of online programs that pay generously
and consistently and are easy to sell using tried and
true online marketing techniques that you will learn with this system.

6. You want to be part of a community and receive
support from like-minded people who share your interest
and commitment to building a successful online
business. The Plug-In Profit Site is more than a
top-rate service and business opportunity. It IS a
passionate community of online website owners,
affiliate marketers and business professionals who are
committed to giving back and helping each other succeed
faster. As a member, you will be welcomed into our
member’s support community and forum where you’ll be
able to interact with Stone Evans and hundreds of other
Plug-In Profit Site members and full-time Internet
marketers who will help you get your questions answered
quickly and overcome obstacles that have prevented you
from succeeding in the past.

7. You don’t want to take the risk of building online
one income stream (whether it be from a job or a
business) because you know that having only one income
stream to rely on leaves you very vulnerable and
possibly only one decision or change in the market to
being broke and empty-handed. The Plug-In Profit Site
starts you off with building 5 income streams from 5
very reliable market-tested companies under the
umbrella of one proven marketing system that allows you
to perform the same activities that you would use to
build one business, but instead you’re building 5 at
the same time. So if one of those companies every goes
belly-up, your income doesn’t because you have the
stability of the 4 additional income streams you’ve
developed to fully support you during challenging times.

Plus, the entire Plug-In Profit Site business model is
fully customizable allowing you infinite flexibility.
First, you can add and subtract products, affiliate
programs and business opportunities to your marketing
system at any time you want because it’s your website,
your autoresponder software, your email list and your
knowledge and experience that you are ultimately
building here. If you like to follow a proven and
stable income generating system, you’ve got it. If you
like to chart your own course, you’ve got that too.

8. If you know that residual income is what you must
create to have true financial freedom, this is the
system for you. Having a JOB usually means that you are
Just Over Broke and building a business on one-time
sales and offers is a ticket to perpetual struggle to
find the next customer. With the Plug-In Profit Site,
not only is it easy to find customers using proven
step-by-step Internet marketing methods, when customers
do sign up for the affiliate offers you are connected
with through this system, these offers will pay you for
the LIFE of the customer. Imagine you have a web page
that promotes a phone service… Someone visits that
page and signs up for the service. Residual income
means that you don’t just get paid a commission when
someone signs up… You get paid every single month for
the life of that customer’s account for their phone
service and usage. Many Plug-In Profit Site users are
getting paid residual income 1, 3, 5+ years after an
original sale or signup was made for one of the
affiliate products they started promoting through the
system. Residual income is your key to financial
security and success and it has never been easier to
start earning residual income online than it is today
with the Plug-In Profit Site turn-key Internet marketing system.

Plug-In Profit Site – Where making money is as simple as flipping a switch!…

More details about what you get with my service are here:


Do you have one or more of the 8 reasons above for
becoming a Plug-In Profit Site member today my Friend?

If so, what are you waiting for?

Your partner in success,

Charles Kaluwasha

Traffic Authority is the future of traffic and advertising, without a doubt!

I’ve got a video to share with you here that will explain everything…Your marketing strategy will improve with Facebook
So click here now to watch it:

Now, I just saw the movie, “The Social Network” last night… And holy cow…This Facebook phenomenon is seriously just getting started!
Facebook is a 25 BILLION dollar company that is already overtaking Google in ways that we can’t even imagine. And now, you and I can get a “piece”of this multi-billion dollar company by taking advantage of something that most entrepreneurs and marketers have yet to really understand.

I’m not talking about getting a Facebook profile or a fan page (which of course you should have)… I’m talking about something that is SO much bigger and is in it’s total infancy…Facebook advertising.
By now you’ve probably noticed the ads that now pop up on the right hand side of your Facebook profile, right?
Well, believe it or not… Most people have no clue what an untapped goldmine this really is…even me I was ignorant until I saw this video

And most of the marketers who ARE using FB ads are leaving so much darn money on the table, it’s crazy. It’s just so new, that no one really knows what they’re doing yet! Facebook advertising is super the cheapest and it’s CRAZY how targeted you can get with it!
The traffic authority, has an AMAZING free video series on Facebook and google advertising… And I HIGHLY suggest that you get informed about how to truly mine the gold out of this insane traffic resource. Members are generates 225+ leads every day for a mere fraction of the cost of Google! You do NOT want to get left behind on this…Get informed,educated and profit more..

Click here NOW to access the free videos

I’m seriously so pumped and excited about this new stream of traffic… I just know that this new skill set alone will turn many entrepreneurs into MILLIONAIRES over the upcoming years.
It’s a very rare thing to be at the beginning of a billion dollar advertising boom in our world… And WE are now at the absolute forefront.. An opportunity not to miss!

So check out the Facebook series that Jonathan is calling “Get Traffic 3.0” and pay very close attention to what he’s teaching here…
This is THE future of traffic and advertising, without a doubt.Watch and think about it


Earn Thousands with Perpetual Leverage by simply introducing people to these simple steps

Welcome back to your favorite blog, it is a pleasure and honour to have you on board. Your contribution to make this blog useful is always appreciated. Leave a comment at the end of this posting. Kind regards, Charles Kaluwasha!

Thank you for your interest in using GRN’s Membership package to travel anywhere in the world you desire for as low as $99.00 a week for the rest of your life, including your family & friends!!!!

You might have received e-mails regarding working from home, some promises that you can make money today or tomorrow but I wanted to share this GREAT travel package with you because, let’s face it, everyone loves to TRAVEL, & eventually you are going to travel, so why not travel at the lowest price available????

Our packages are absolutely the best travel bargain in the industry!

Let me highlight a few things.

First One of the highlights of our membership is the Great lengths we go through to seek out & create contracts with beautiful resorts all over the world. Part of our ongoing negotiations involves a price cap, so you will never spend more than $799.00 a week for a for a resort stay in our 1, 2 or 3 bedroom units including our 5 star resorts. As a matter of fact, we work with the finest hotels, & resorts in the world. Some of these properties include Shell Vacations Club, Wyndam, Worldmark, Sheraton, Perennial, WIVC, Club Intrawest, Diamond Resorts, just to mention a few. We also realize your travel needs to be more than resort stays, so we have included 24/7 direct access to discounted cruise lines, airlines, hotel, tour and car rental agencies to create the most extraordinary luxury vacation packages ever imagined, allowing you to vacation in style at dramatically discounted rates.

Second- Global Resorts Network Platinum Package is a lifetime membership! This is NOT a time-share offer. (by the way, did you know if you own a time-share or a vacation home, you may list it within our inventory & offer it for rent to all of our members) There are no outrageous association fees, maintenance fees, as well as no sales pitches to endure. There are no “one or two week limits” on the vacation times as there are with time-shares. Actually, if you wanted to, you could stay gone 52 weeks a year as low as $298.00 per week & never have to worry about coming back home. This means fabulous vacations at the very best prices.

Third- Your GRN Travel Packages will allow you to travel with ease: from hotel accommodations to all-inclusive resorts, and everything in between. Just go to your private web site available to you 24/7, look at inventory, click on request, & within 24 hours you are booked, confirmed & ready to leave for your next trip. It’s like having a personal travel agent available to you 24/7 for all of your travel needs, flights, cruises, hotels, etc.

By the way, relax, as our package has been around since 1986. It is like a fine wine, it just gets better with age.

Look at a few testimonies from GRN members:


We used our membership for the first time in Arizona. We have a home in Mesa, Arizona & wanted to get away from everyday life. On a Tuesday night requested a resort stay only 20 min from our home, They confirmed our trip Wednesday morning, & Saturday, we drove 20 min away to a Beautiful 5 star resort. When we checked in, the front desk said it will be $335.00 per night, we handed them our confirmation through our membership for $398.00 for the whole week. Very nice!! We saved over $2,100.00 on that trip alone!

Scot & Donna Chatron

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for the fantastic holiday we had in Orlando & Miami this summer. The accommodation in both resorts was first class!! All the paper work, plans and arrangements went very much according to plan, which all contributed to a brilliant holiday; thank you. D&G Scotland

We recently arranged a week in Algarve, Portugal via you and i am pleased to confirm that we enjoyed every minute. The accommodation was superb and all the staff were friendly. We would like to thank you for arranging this for us.

Avinash Thakrar

Many thanks for acting so promptly to organize the bookings etc.

Mark Stephens

Dear Denis,

Excellent Service!! Coming to collect tickets this week and make payment. Thank you and warmest regards.

Yours truly, Davi Seah

All travel documents received. Once again many thanks for all your help. It is much appreciated….Regards

Christine, Phil, Ross & Amy-Louise Bish..


To sample what is included in our packages, & preview some of the inventory for yourself, check out our world-class website.

Please go to: www.GlobalresortsNetwork.com Watch the movie, then click on the Global Resorts Registry.

Passcode: lookfor (lower case letters)

ENJOY!!! After browsing through the inventory, go back to the home page, finish looking at the links on the site. Finally, go to Request Information, & fill out the Form as I or one of our associates will get back to you promptly.

Meanwhile, over the next few days, you might want to join a LIVE webinar Monday, Tuesday or Thursday at 2:00 PM or 9:00 PM EST. Please Feel free to bring a guest. You’ll be able to Navigate with our members through real inventory that YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO 24/7 AS A MEMBER!!!

Go to: http://www.webinar.com & register for the date & time slot that will work for you..

Between the webinar & website, that should give you enough information to make an intelligent decision about becoming a member, like myself & the 10s of thousands that already have. You will certainly see why there is such a buzz going around about GRN.

I want to thank you, once again, for taking our informational tour through our vacation packages.

Oh, by the way, you may call me anytime at my cell number direct at 1-(021 1903145)

P.S I am sure, once you review all the information and experience the savings, you will be glad you did. I know I am glad I did!

To your success,

Charles Kaluwasha


Aruba-Cost Linda Beach Provides the Perfect Resort!

Located in the Dutch Caribbean on the island of
Aruba, Costa Linda Beach Resort provides the
perfect vacation.

On site includes jacuzzis, tennis courts, a
fitness center, a pool bar, restaurants, and beach
activities. Close by, enjoy 18 holes of golf at Tiera
De Sol Golf Course.

This is a timeshare resort property which means you
won’t be able to book a vacation here through any
of the major travel providers.

You can grab this vacation week right now
through your membership for only $398.

These types of savings and VIP access are available
exclusively to our members.

Enjoy Life!

22601 N. 17th Ave. Suite 230
Phoenix, AZ 85027

P.S. Here is what people are saying about the Costa Linda…

Costa Linda is a low key, wonderfully relaxing place to stay. The unit we were in was clean, and more than roomy- the kitchen was fully stocked.

My husband and I go on 2 to 3 Caribbean trips a year. We are very picky beach travelers. Eagle beach is one of the 2 best beaches we have ever seen ever.

The costa linda is a very nice place to stay, but it is a time share, so you wont be able to just book a room, you have to find someone who is selling their week.

I have stayed at the Costa Linda annually for the past 9 years. The resort is on the most beautiful stretch of beach in the Caribbean. It is uncrowded and they provide plenty of palapas for guests to use. The units are spacious and well equipped.

I just returned from trip to Aruba and Stayed at the Costa Linda. It is a beautiful timeshare resort. The beach is fantastic (one of the best in the world) and not very crowded. This is Eagle Beach.

The Costa Linda is a wonderful hotel/time share. The pool is sheltered from the island wind, but when you need to you can walk to the ocean.

I’ve been going to this resort my whole life. My family and I would go every year in the month of July and I never went a year without going to Costa Linda.

I have stayed at the Costa Linda for 15 years. It is the best all around resort on the island. If you want romance it could be romantic. If you want family fun, there are plenty of activities for the kids. It is on arguably the best beach in Aruba.

Note: GRN comparisons are for informational purposes only and are
subject to availability. We strive to make sure availability and prices in
our comparisons are accurate at the time of our sending the comparison
but cannot guarantee it will still be available when you receive or read this
newsletter. If you are interested in booking this resort, you should act quickly
as the resorts featured in our email comparisons can sell out quickly.
Photos are not necessarily representative of the size or design of the
suite that is available.
Want to be a member? Join here and enjoy 50% discount!

Brought to by:
Charles Kaluwasha

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