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A miner to a super nurse

Before I trained as a nurse, my first J.O.B was that of a miner in one of the world’s large mining countries, #Zambia in Mufulira town, copper belt region.
In 1903 joined the mining sector, started as a work man,transporting materials from the store rooms,this was underground to the developing sites(where miners drill the rocks to extract copper ore). It was a tough job for a young man like me,straight from high school.

That was the first stage in mining hierarchy. If you proved to the mining officials that you were strong and capable, then you will be moved to the drilling team as a spanner man, assisting to hold and stabilize the drilling rod from the drilling machine unto hard rock.

I performed that job quite well for six months, then I was promoted to a higher position,machine man. This entailed you were more responsible ensuring that 32 holes were drilled on time so that the “bass man”(explosive technician) could come and insert the explosives into the 32 holes in readiness to detonate them and break up the rock into smaller segments, ready to be conveyed to surface for processing.
It was an interesting experience for me. I knew how copper was extracted from underground to the surface and later exported to other countries. Zambia was then very rich because of copper mining.

After working for three years,in 1986 I applied for a nursing course and was accepted at Mufulira School of Nursing. I was one of the first 6 male nurses to be trained at Ronald Ross Hospital.

I graduated in 1989, started working at Kalulushi Mine Hospital as a registered male nurse, Copperbelt Region.
I rose through ranks up to a Nursing Officer level, In Charge of Male Ward. Voted as best Manager,Emergency department, Kalulushi mine hospital.
In 1992, I was transferred to Plant site Clinic in the same capacity to treat and refer injured miners to the hospital.

After 2 years at Plant Site Clinic, I was transferred to Chambishi mine clinic in the same capacity. Saved many lives from shock, crush injuries,chemical burns and minor injuries and the rest… Won safety award in 2001.

In 2003, I migrated to New Zealand and started working in bigger hospitals such as Auckland City Hospital. Later I moved to Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.I enrolled to study masters degree at Victoria University of Wellington in order to up skill my skills to meet international standards. This is a five years program, with a lot of assignments and exams. In 2013, I graduated with a B minus, not to bad at my age, eh!

In 2014, I crossed the “ditch” for yet another experience in Australia. I am enjoying my work as a “Regional Relief Nurse” in Wheatbelt Region, working FIFO at different small sites in what we call”outback” country hospitals. I have met different patients, nurses and managers, you know what I mean here…
What goes up must always come down. I have a few years to put down my professional career. So I have to start preparing myself for retirement. I don’t want to be caught off “guard.”
Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
Since my background has been a miner, I would like to pursue that route, this time not as a copper ore miner, but as a CRYPTOCURRENCY miner.
This is the future of world currency with many advantages. Investing in this economy has more advantages than disadvantages:

Transfers faster and easily
Accepted world-wide
A decentralised currency
Has low inflation rate
Safe and secure
Used by more than 500,000 businesses world wide now
Emerging at pace as new accepted move
more miners are joining
Profit beyond expectations
Maximum return of investment

How to get involved:
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Shares and Investment

In March 2016, many of us  invested some shares by purchasing silver packs at the  cost of $25 each and when it matures you are  paid $30  making a profit of $5 per pack. The more  you purchase, the more  you  earn.
There are  some guys in Click Intensity who purchased  4000 silver packs  when this company was launched in March, today  they are earning more than $300,000 per  month.
I guess this is a good  investment, may be better  than any  bank out  there.
And it is  not a complicated process. All you have to do is open up a free account, purchase your packs from $25 to any amount, depending on your  budget.
Then complete simple  tasks(10) everyday to get paid every 30 minutes, 24/7 and boom, your  account gets  fatter  every month by reinvesting the profits (compounding interest)
Below is a snap short of my account, showing total packs purchased and my  revenue  share for 3 months to prove to you that it is working for many ordinary people like you.
Total Purchases
Total Earned
$ 509.66


Invisible Empire Apprentice Course

Before you  start marketing your new business, it is vital that you know what to do as you begin to start generating leads. You  will be in a leadership position to guide and retain  your customers well otherwise they will go away.

Therefore you  must equip yourself with that marketing knowledge, and this does not come by chance. You must read, be coached by those who have  been  successful or attain some courses online or in your community.

Remember, investing in personal development is the key to  success in every sphere of  life. They say knowledge is power!


One of  my favorite online mentoring courses would be at Invisible Empire University

Your very own “online real-estate” you can use as your personal online home to increase your influence, trust, and brand presence to better market your products / services. Your own fully-customizable websites.

Lifestyle Design Network University where you have INSTANT access to over 15 hours of keynotes from 8-figure adventurpreneur Mark Hoverson. These keynotes open up new vistas of time-freedom, reduce frustrations, result in faster profits and a deep peace of mind knowing that you have the wisdom and knowledge to manifest your definition of “Lifestyle Design” into reality.

24/7 Access to the most successful “Instant Response” marketers in our online community. Their network is filled with hundreds of everyday people just like yourself (ranging from complete beginner to advanced 6-figure marketers) who are looking to network, joint venture, and mastermind.

BONUS: 7-Level “Freedom-Formula” game – think of it as a real-life obstacle course that will push you to break limiting habits when it comes to your personal productivity, communication skills, mindset on wealth creation, and more. This game acts as the rocket fuel, to propel you into radical forward momentum in life & biz as soon as you begin questing through the 1st level.

**PLUS, they are ever-improving enhancements to make your experience better than ever! So, join in today and explore the possibilties.


Issues for Home Business Owners

If you accept it when your business is going slowly or not going anywhere at all, then you are going to eventually have to accept that fact that your business failed. You don’t want to do that, do you? However it is true. There are no pixies that will come in the night and rescue you.

click it

It is your business, and your responsibility if you want to make it grow. Sometimes it may go on its own volition based on past action you may have taken to promote it. However more often than not if you do not pay attention to what you are doing it is just going to fizzle out and you will eventually just give up.

When you notice things are taking a downturn you need to take action. It is actually so critical that you do that it almost doesn’t matter what it is. If it has to be free, cheap, strange, whatever – you need to do something to get it going again.

There will be times like this where you really don’t have appreciable money to invest and this is when you need to get creative and even do tedious things like clicking schemes such as traffic exchanges. There are a ton you can join for free and earn advertising credits just by clicking and reading ads. It can get really boring – but if that is all you have going for you – go for it!

While banner exchanges and traffic exchanges typically have a rather low rate of conversion, it does not matter and should be employed if that is your only choice. There are also traffic exchanges where you can buy for example a $10 package of advertising credits so that your ad will be shown a certain number of times depending on their pricing. If you can do that it may help.

Again though if you have to click ads manually then be sure to reserve a certain number of hours to do this daily, and just do it. If you click 100 ads to get one person to read your ad and potentially become one customer, then you have done something positive for your business. There is even a chance that this person will also attract another customer and you know this is how a matrix is built.

Just don’t sit there, get clickin’!

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