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Becoming a PROVEN expert in Online Business

In the extremely connected world that we live in and with online business flourishing, anybody can claim to be an expert or guru in any topic.

However, there is a huge difference in saying that you’re an expert and in actually being one!

As with anything else in life, you have to prove that you are an expert before making that claim.

That’s one of the biggest challenges in marketing today.

With so much competition and more people claiming expert status, it has become more important than ever that you prove it.

Potential customers want to get the best advice possible and if you claim to be the best but fail to deliver, the consequences can be severe.

Not only will you lose customers but your business reputation will also suffer – harming your chances for future success.

How then do you prove that you are an expert and not someone just trying to get more clicks?

Put simply, you have to put yourself out there and try these ideas.

Michael Force created DA for exactly this…

He wanted to offer a place to get reliably trained so you’ll have all the tools necessary so you ARE an expert in online business!

Following these steps will help establish your credibility and reputation in the eyes of your customers.

An Amazing Opportunity to cash out daily

ACX Tripler is Amazing – Biggest Sunday Ever!
When you see such heading, what comes into your mind?

Are you stuck into the past?

Michael Oliver wrote:

The current Reality of most people is stuck in their past- in their history.

They go to a certain point in their lives where they accept what they had as their lot in life.

They then programmed themselves with personal defensive strategies to protect their position.

They lower their vision and mix with others of same thinking until their defensive strategy became so entrenched that their strategy became hidden even from themselves. That is the strength of it.

It is hidden ,and gets fed constantly by external influences because the see the world as they are not what it really is in all its glorious abundance.

What you are going to read is a reality, others are making money by applying what they read and see.

So if I told you that It has been AMAZING this past week, would you agree?

It’s True! In fact, we’re on the way to reaching
millions of dollars per day (yes, per day). It’s all
up to ACX members, and so far it is absolutely

Yesterday (Sunday) was one of the biggest Sundays
as far as revenue goes, probably the biggest
since Ad Click Xpress launched in 2013!!!

Why is Revenue Increasing so Fast at ACX?

1) Maybe everyone is finally understanding how easy
it is to use PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash or Bank to fund ACX

Once you give it a try, you will see just how
easy it is to exchange your money and get it
into ACX to Make 3% Daily!

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Bootcamp attracting entrepreneurs around the globe

Layers of LeadershipLayers of Leadership – 90 Day Bootcamp
Get the Knowledge, Systems, Processes, and Training to turn your Dreams into Reality
The boot camp that started more than 4 weeks ago is attracting many entrepreneurs from all over the word.
The information/content being delivered is phenomenal!
It is delivered in a friendly environment, in your own home and is very easy to understand.
The best thing about this boot camp is that  the content is stored in the archive and you can log in to the back office and  listen to the recordings over and over again until you  exhaust all the information.
Here is the summary of what has been covered so far:
SESSION 1: Life Goal Setting, Business Planning, Daily Planning, Mindset
SESSION 2: Systems, Process & Upgrade Tracking, Financials, Database Set Up
SESSION 3: Time Management, Being Proactive, Developing a Master Schedule
SESSION 4: Building and Delivering a World Class Pre-Interview (Pre-qualifying) 
Next session will be open to the public on 15/08/2017 and the we shall continue with,
Building and Delivering a World Class Interview Process (Qualifying) 
I would recommend everyone involved in any online or the traditional brick and mortar business to register for this boot camp, it is more than worth it. The training will turn your dreams into a REALITY.
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New ACX Tripler Paying Program

In the last few days my inbox was flooded with inquires regarding the new ACX Tripler paying program.

Well, I did a research and brought you their matrix  as seen below:

Based on the original JSS Tripler Program launched by JustBeenPaid in 2010, the New ACX Tripler Program also pays back 300% over two stages:

Stage 1 – ACX Tripler Packs Earn 150%

Each $10 Tripler Pack earns 2% per day (1% Sat/Sun) until $15 is paid back (i.e. 150%).

In order to qualify to earn 2% per day, Member must view advertisements via the Traffic Xchange or entertaining images via the Media Xchange. The number of daily views required is determined by the number of active Tripler Packs.

When a Tripler Pack has earned back 150%, they expire and convert into Free Panels. For every four Tripler Packs that expire, one Free Panel is created (in Stage 2).

Stage 2 – ACX Panels Earn 150%

When four Tripler Packs create a Free Panel, a new spot is filled in the ACX Panel 2×2 Matrix. In order to earn 150%, a total of six spots must be filled by new panels from other Members or from your own panels.

When each of the six spots are filled, then the Free Panel is Completed. At that point, a Panel Rebate of $60 is paid, which equals an extra 150% in panel earnings.

Stage 1 & 2 Review

  • Four Tripler Packs cost $40 and earn 2% a day when ads are viewed
  • Four Tripler Packs will earn back $60 (150%) in about 88 days
  • Four Tripler Packs covert into One Free Panel
  • Each Free Panels pays $60 (150%) once the six spots are filled
  • So $40 of Tripler Packs earn you $120 back!


  • Spend $10, make back $15 in just 88 days (2% per day)
  • Spend $100, make back $150 ” “
  • Spend $1,000, make back $1,500 ” “
  • Spend $10,000, make back $15,000 ” “
  • Spend $100,000, make back $150,000 ” “
  • Stage 2 Earnings pay the same profits again!

How to get started…

>>> Get started today on your road to financial independence!

What will a Weekend in Hawaii do for you? The Trump Detox that will change your life

Quot of the  Day!

An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied. ~Arnold Glasow


A recent survey just revealed the # one thing that people were happiest for in 2016.

Can you guess what it is?

They’re glad the election is over!

I’m sure you may agree.

Yet, from the news lately, I have a feeling things are just getting warmed up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just get away from it all for a few days?

Micheal Force, the Founder and CEO of  Digital Altitude invites you to a 4-day event

in Hawaii with your spouse for  free. You only pay for your flight BUT food and

accommodation will be  taken care of  by the  company. How awesome!

What is the criteria  to qualify to this  event??

You  must be an ASCEND member.

To qualify to this  level is  as simple as 1-2-3

Start your free membership here and progress as fast as you can and secure your place

by registering at the bottom of this article.

Well, when you come to our ASCEND event in Maui, you can!

Imagine… 4 days in paradise learning the top business secrets behind many of our 7-Figure members.

And if you keep your TV off for a few days, you’ll get a nice detox from all the noise going on.  🙂

If you study the most successful people in the world (which I have for decades), one thing they have in common is their ability to completely unplug.

In fact, Bill Gates has repeatedly said that he sets aside a full week every year where he goes to a resort and does nothing but read every trade and technical magazine he can find.

He stated that this allowed him to have a broad view of the entire industry and it’s what allowed him to keep Microsoft competitive for so many years.


As I’ve said before… the quickest road to success is to model those who are already there.

In March, take a page from the Bill Gates playbook, unplug and come immerse yourself in the latest, greatest tools, techniques and systems in our business today.

It’s the sure way to guarantee that 2017 is vastly different from last year.

===> Secure Your Place and ASCEND to Success <===

See you at the top,
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