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What will a Weekend in Hawaii do for you? The Trump Detox that will change your life

Quot of the  Day!

An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied. ~Arnold Glasow


A recent survey just revealed the # one thing that people were happiest for in 2016.

Can you guess what it is?

They’re glad the election is over!

I’m sure you may agree.

Yet, from the news lately, I have a feeling things are just getting warmed up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just get away from it all for a few days?

Micheal Force, the Founder and CEO of  Digital Altitude invites you to a 4-day event

in Hawaii with your spouse for  free. You only pay for your flight BUT food and

accommodation will be  taken care of  by the  company. How awesome!

What is the criteria  to qualify to this  event??

You  must be an ASCEND member.

To qualify to this  level is  as simple as 1-2-3

Start your free membership here and progress as fast as you can and secure your place

by registering at the bottom of this article.

Well, when you come to our ASCEND event in Maui, you can!

Imagine… 4 days in paradise learning the top business secrets behind many of our 7-Figure members.

And if you keep your TV off for a few days, you’ll get a nice detox from all the noise going on.  🙂

If you study the most successful people in the world (which I have for decades), one thing they have in common is their ability to completely unplug.

In fact, Bill Gates has repeatedly said that he sets aside a full week every year where he goes to a resort and does nothing but read every trade and technical magazine he can find.

He stated that this allowed him to have a broad view of the entire industry and it’s what allowed him to keep Microsoft competitive for so many years.


As I’ve said before… the quickest road to success is to model those who are already there.

In March, take a page from the Bill Gates playbook, unplug and come immerse yourself in the latest, greatest tools, techniques and systems in our business today.

It’s the sure way to guarantee that 2017 is vastly different from last year.

===> Secure Your Place and ASCEND to Success <===

See you at the top,

In life, learn to appreciate or reciprocate

It is very surprising when someone who has been given everything absolutely free and without obligation for years, has no concept of appreciation or reciprocation.  It is beyond their level of awareness that after giving everything away for so long that maybe there is now a need for the giver to try to generate some income to keep the business going or he has some other need he doesn’t mention. It’s because they are only about me-me-me.

There are many good people that would express their appreciation by sticking with their benefactor and kicking in a few dollars just out of fairness. However it is quite shocking how many people will turn around and run away and then on top of it act spiteful about it. Oh it’s not free anymore? Bye now. Trying to learn forgiveness, an important factor is not to feel offended. Just let it slide. Think ‘what goes around comes around’. It is very difficult to do but probably the most important thing in the conversation so far for our own mental and spiritual health.

However then there is something called ‘righteous indignation’ – this is where you don’t need to forgive someone because they have not done anything to you directly. But you see what low characters they really have and it is ok to be angry with them for hurting someone who is good and doesn’t deserve it. Hopefully you will never have to stoop so low and you can just pity them.

There is also an issue as with an affiliate program which is set up to benefit both the program owner and the affiliate. Each one contributes to the success of the program.  Actually don’t ever kid yourself martyrs and victims, it is the programmer that spent the most money developing their product and their program, and has the most expense in maintaining it for affiliates; so just pay your little fee and be glad you can get in on it. The problem is you may be the type of character to blame them if you fail even if you know darn well it is because you are actually lazy and expected something for nothing. You didn’t even really try.

There is a saying ‘the more people I meet the better I like dogs’ and that is one thing that is truly believed here on a day where it is apparent how really cheap people can be. Everybody’s poor so that is no excuse for your greed and selfishness. Some of us do something about it and we are poor no more. Some even go on to share with others whatever extra time or resources that they may have.

Then again there are gazillionaires that have no soul and are very, very poor. Feel very sorry for them.  People who always have their hand out for anything free, and never give back either tangibly or intangibly, directly or indirectly, you suck so bad you shouldn’t show your face in public as you may scare babies.

If you never have any money to give back there are other things (intangibles) you can give starting with your sincere appreciation, all the way to helping someone out if you can show them something they need to know. Just try to give back however you can.

Don’t Ever Let Yourself Feel Desperate

Seriously whatever the original problem is, it is just going to be made much worse if you allow yourself to feel desperate. People get into all kinds of horrible situations because they feel desperate. You are not thinking straight or being at all logical when you are feeling desperate. So of course your emotions will always get you in trouble without being just a bit logical enough at least to have some common sense.

There is a good quote by a veteran homicide cop on television and he says something to the effect that what makes human beings so dangerous is their emotions. That is one end of the spectrum on what leads to senseless violence 100 times a day. People do not think even to the extent that they may consider if it would be worth it to go to prison for life just to prove some stupid point. Because their emotions are at work rather than their brain, not to even mention having a conscience which most criminuts don’t have.

Then the other end of the spectrum, all the way to romantic emotions. If you are desperate for someone to love, then you appear needy and that is not at all attractive to anyone normal. There is nothing wrong with being honest that you would like to be in a meaningful relationship; but if you act like you are going to die if you don’t find someone – anyone – it’s not much of a compliment. You have to be very careful what you ask for in this kind of situation.

‘By the same token if you are able to fool someone into having a relationship with you and you try to control every moment of someone’s life because of your needy insecurities, you are nothing but a loser. You are going to do nothing but drive that person away. Control your  emotions

When they can’t control or they are rejected they can’t stand it and they sometimes become extremely dangerous, even murderous.

You are not born a loser and no matter what unfortunate situations your life may have had, there is never an excuse to be a loser. There is never a reason to feel so desperate that you lose your common sense. So from whatever perspective you want to look at desperation it just doesn’t need to be a part of anyone’s life for any reason.

Always stay proud of your accomplishments no matter how small you believe them to be. It is an important enough issue that even if you have to be proud of something really insignificant like you didn’t burn the toast, then just do it. Conjure up something to make you feel good about yourself and so you will realize there is always a chance that things will improve. “God didn’t make no junk”.

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