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How to create a Free Bitcoin Wallet

mans hand holds a suitcase with dollars

mans hand holds a suitcase with dollars

An Important Update for Click Intensity Members

To streamline the payments globally , http://autopilotbitcoinfunnel.com has decided on 3 modes of global payment soon after Launch.

1) Bitcoin – 0 % Transaction Fees !

No matter which country in the world you are , you can create a Free Bitcoin Wallet at

==>> www.Blockchain.info/wallet


==>> www.Coinbase.Com

Now Once You Have Your Bitcoin Address , All You Will Need To Do Is Submit Your Bitcoin Address In Your User Profile In http://autopilotbitcoinfunnel.com Along With Your Picture ID Proof ! ( These two options to submit your bitcoin address and picture id proof  was  live from 27th onwards )

Now once you have a payout request ( Minimum amount required for payout request will be $25 = 1000 Gold Coins ) And Your Payout Will Be Processed In Bitcoins Based On That Day’s Bitcoin To USD Rate !

All Payouts will be manually reviewed and processed within 24 hours and also admin will upload the payout confirmation receipt.

Once you have the bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet , now you can withdraw it using 100’s of ways – in almost all the countries in the world right now you have bitcoin exchangers , bitcoin associated cards etc…

All you need to do is a simple search in Google – Buy / Sell Bitcoins In XXXX where XXX is your country name !

Second Option would be to keep your bitcoins as a investment or a % which is highly recommended as bitcoin is the current and future of digital currency and looking at the way we are growing and so is whole Crypto Currency Market – I do see it increasing in near future !

Will Suggest all of you to do these 2 things asap

a) Set up a bitcoin wallet at www.Blockchain.info/wallet or www.Coinbase.Com

b) Get it linked to a exchanger/debit card merchant etc so you can buy sell bitcoins easily…..

Examples :

India – Zebpay App – Best for buying/selling bitcoins

USA – Swift Cards which you can use as Visa Debit cards linked directly to your bitcoin wallets

Hongkong – Bitcashout.com – where in 2 hours you can get bitcoins coins converted into $$ and in your account

Also many tier countries in the world have Bit Coin ATM’s now and many more coming around the world !

Bottom line – It’s super easy to set up a bitcoin wallet and then get paid in it and then withdraw that bitcoin converted into $$$ in your account

For those of you who are set up with digital currencies like STP , Payza can send your bitcoins from your bitcoin wallet to STP/Payza bitcoin wallet and hence get it funded and withdraw from there also..

So there is no one way – but multiple ways…

The Key is – We pay you in bitcoins – you get paid in 24 hours , you get those bitcoins – you can either keep them , spend them , save them or gift them…It’s Up to You !

Easy Global Business

2) Bank Wires : There will be a 1 % Processing fees and a minimum of $30 pounds per Bank Wire anywhere in The World !

For this you will need to submit your Complete Bank Account details with picture id proof , address proof and last 6 months bank statement

Option to do this was live from 27th !

Once we receive your request , it will take 24 hours for us to process it and you will get it within 3-5 business days !

3) Member to member – You have money/gold coins and a team and a lot of your team mates are starting up and will always need to buy packs/goldcoins etc and hence you can help them with gold coins transfer with a minimum 1 % internal transfer fees and they can pay you in any way you like – that is between you and the member !

With these 3 modes of payment , we pretty much cover the whole world !

Lets get busy in taking action ( especially the bitcoin part i.e setting up bitcoin wallet and linking with an exchanger and doing some test buy’s and sells so you are all set up from 28th onwards).

Hope this helps – Nick !

Tag everyone in your team on this post so they benefit and are ready to cash BIG.

You may have seen on our Facebook, how guys are  cashing in commissions in $1000’s of dollar just 3 days after launch.

If you have any  question or comment,please  drop me a line.


How to Buy Gold Coins

If  you are a member of Click Intensity, here are important  steps to fund your account.

It’s important for you to start funding your Click Intensity Account
with gold coins now so from 27th onwards you can start purchasing
silver packs asap and also other premium gold products !

Gold Coins Are the currency of the system
and you will need them for everything…

Even your commissions will come in gold coins which can
then be converted into cash ( 1000 coins = $25 )

Here are some of the new video tutorials which will help you to choose any
of the preferred methods for funding your
Gold Coin Accounts

1) How To Purchase Gold Coins Using Bank Wire

2) How To Purchase Gold Coins Using Advcash/Bitcoins/Payeer/Perfect Money

3) Getting Started With Coinable To Purchase Gold Coins Directly Using Bitcoins

4) Person To Person Transfer Of Gold Coins

Hope this helps !

More updates on this are already posted inside our Facebook Group in pinned post

Check them out also

How to manage social media

Home Business Tips

mans hand holds a suitcase with dollars

mans hand holds a suitcase with dollars

Now let’s dive in to today’s informative content…

Since social media has become such a major player in nearly all aspects of
our online lives, including now our search engine rankings, it is incumbent
upon us to make sure that we have a coherent social media plan going
forward, and that it actually happens!

Let’s examine what needs we have from a marketing perspective

, and what
you need to make sure you take care of in that arena.

First of all, let’s recognize the most important social outlets you need
to be on, and utilizing.

You should have a Facebook Page for your business, and it should be totally
separate from anyone’s personal account. The reach and immense potential
of 1 billion+ users should not be ignored. A Facebook page can be used for
many things, not the least of which is lead and traffic generation.

Following fast on Facebook’s heels is Google+. Poised to catch up and
possibly overtake them by virtue of their suite of web tools and services,
Google+ needs to be a definite priority for the foreseeable future.

Twitter should also be a part of the mix, if for no other reason than to
redirect all your followers who miss you on Facebook and Google+ to your
content there and on your site. Twitter is still very relevant.

LinkedIn is yet another important piece of the puzzle. If you have a
business that can be of use to other business professionals out there, it
is vital to keep LinkedIn updated. It is also a very good lead platform for
getting work if your business is B2B.

You may also want to take advantage of some of the efficiency tools out
there that help you keep up with the speed of social posts, like Hootsuite,
Tweetdeck and others. You need all the help you can get!


Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. Get 5 Checks Per Month – No Experience Needed! It takes
multiple streams of income to succeed online. We have the
TOP five programs online all under ONE roof! You can get started
now for less than dinner and a movie! Get the exciting details…

Direct Way to invite someone to have a look at your business in 3 Seconds


As you probably know I always  connect  with people who have been in this  business for  long  and are  successful.

i learn from them and implement what  they  teach me. That is  how I get experience and attract  other  people to my business.

When it comes to building your NET-WORK MARKET-ING BIZ,  Ryan teaches being direct and getting to the point quickly when inviting prospects to look at your business.

We are in the sorting and inviting business.

==> Listen in Here


In today’s busy world people find it very attractive when you can get to the point quickly and they will see you as

the type of person they want to work with.

Ryan explains that it took him literally Years and Thousands of phone calls to figure out the perfect approach that works and it does not just work for him but for hundreds of other people like us and it can work for you too… 🙂

It’s KILLER… and I invite you to try out the approach with your next prospect.

Check out this video where you get to listen in to a live call where I use it.

Note: The approach only takes 30 seconds.

We are in the sorting and inviting business.

==> Listen in Here

Ryan uses a system called, MLM RecruitmentOnDemand that  connects  you to network marketers to have a look at  your  business. You get 3-5  calls  every day from other network marketers.

You can get this service on this link.


4 Ways To Turn Your Blog Into A Lead Generating Machine

Here is my take away from ClickFunnels training. Every blogger has this attitude and  expectation in mind.

So you put out free content to your audience on a weekly or daily basis only to have your fingers (and toes) crossed that someone, somehow, will come in from a Google search and enjoy what you’re reading and at some stage buy what you’re selling.

Does that sound familiar?

Every marketer, social media manager and business owner has been in that position before. So I think it’s time we addressed how you can take your blog from just another tab in your menu, to a lead generating machine which actually generates you clients or prospects for your product and ultimately revenue.

For the purpose of this post, I’m going to assume you’re using the content management system ‘WordPress‘ which is by far the most popular platform for blogging and websites across the web. If you’re using something else, the same strategies will work for you but you may have to play around with the technicalities.

1. Building a Sidebar Fit For A King

The sidebar of your blog is one of the most powerful lead generation tools of your blog. It’s ability to connect with your visitors who are reading and consuming your content means you can use it in a number of different ways and get creative.

Optimizing Your Sidebar for List Building

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your sidebar is working for you and building your list. By reading this on the Clickfunnels Blog, I’m sure you’re already familiar with the saying “the money is in the list”.

So that’s exactly what we want to build up and our sidebar is a great place to start.

There’s a wealth of plugins you can use to add an optin box to your sidebar, which will help with list building. But what I’ve found, that outperforms all my other optin boxes has been a 2-step ‘Clickpop‘.

To add this to your sidebar in WordPress and make it look attractive you’ll need to get a banner designed to fit within your sidebar. This banner should be fitted to the width of the sidebar you’ve got on your blog (it will vary from site to site depending on your website’s theme) and the height can be at whatever you like (I usually stick with a rectangle shape).

To get this banner designed, you can go to somewhere like UpWork or Freelancer and hire a designer for around $30-60 (depends on who you choose) who will be able to give you a banner which looks great and upload within around 1-3 days.

Once you’ve got your banner, go to the ‘Widgets’ area of WordPress and you should see a sidebar widget where you can include some code (custom HTML) to add your banner and link it up to your ClickPop made in Clickfunnels.

Taking this one step further, we want to make sure the conversion numbers on this sidebar are as high as possible, so be sure to add a gift or ‘lead magnet’ which is absolutely irresistible to your target audience when they sign up.

This could be anything from a checklist, cheat sheet, e-book, video series, taking a quiz (giving them a result)…the list goes on – take a look at this if you’re stuck for lead magnet ideas.

Make The Sidebar Fixed/Sticky

Generally people read the first section  of your blog post within 10 seconds then get scrolling down pretty quick to consume the rest of the value you’re giving them.

But what most people fail to realize is that as people scroll down, the area where the sidebar was sitting is now completely vacant!

It’s like an empty parking spot in the middle of the city…what a waste of prime real estate!

So to solve this issue, pick yourself up the fixed sidebar WordPress plugin and make sure you ‘sticky’ your most valuable offers so they’re following your visitors as they go down the post you’ve written. This is an easy fix to existing blogs who already have a sidebar setup and will help your conversion rate straight off the block.

Test, Test, Test…

It’s amazing how often I’ll visit the same website 6 months later and see the offers exactly the same.

Offers get worn out over time, and more importantly if you’re using a lead magnet for your optin then you’ll want to test different lead magnet banner images/colors, different lead magnet types, different headlines and ClickPop boxes.

By making an effort at least once a month to put aside 1-2 hours and change up your sidebar, you will have a very solid high converting strategy by year’s end.

2. Dominating With Content Upgrades

If you haven’t heard of a content upgrade before, essentially it’s an extension of your blog post which delivers additional value in exchange for an action on the website.

Generally the action is providing an email address and opting into the website’s email list, however it can also be an action like ‘sharing’ or ‘tweeting’ a specific message.

As we mentioned in the are about sidebars above, a content upgrade is a form of lead magnet which can provide value to your readers. The first step we need to take in designing and putting together a content upgrade is….well, creating the content.

The quickest content upgrade to create is perhaps a checklist. So for example, if I were to use a content upgrade for this post on the blog I could call it “The Blog Lead Generating Machine Checklist”.

Depending on how much time and money you’ve got available, you can turn each content upgrade into mini products. The more value you provide, the more likely people are to opt into your upgrades.

Remember, at this stage we want to create an irresistible offer that’s an absolute no brainer. 

I generally like to get a front page designed for my content upgrades so I’d head over to somewhere like UpWork or Freelancer where you can hire an affordable designer. If you’re on a budget you can even use Fiverr which has lots of eBook cover designers.

Integrating your content upgrade in your post can be done three different ways.

  1. Custom Code: If you’re tech savvy you’ll be able to customize the CSS and make it look good when you want to add a content upgrade within your posts (personally I have no idea how all that works), but it generally looks the best as you know what you’re doing. You can hire a developer to do this for you too otherwise use one of the alternatives below.
  2. Using an Image: This is usually my ‘go to’. I go to one of the freelancing websites mentioned and get a banner generated which features my content upgrade and then I integrate that into the post (sometimes more than once between paragraphs). I’m a stickler for ‘clean’ images and making sure they’re designed with conversions in mind so be sure to include words like ‘Download Now’ or ‘Click Here’ so it’s clear what clicking the image will do. Canva is a great resource if you want to do this yourself and trust your design skills.
  3. Linking Text: Similarly to above, you can link text within your post to your content upgrade. This is the easiest option as it takes no designing or hiring. All you need to do is link up your text using WordPress so it opens either your landing page or ClickPop and you’re good to go.

Each of those alternatives work well to set up your content upgrades within your blog and will get you generating leads in no time.

Bonus Tip:

The more specific you are the higher your conversion rate will be.

If you’re creating customized upgrades on each post then people who land on that content post (whether it be directly through a paid source or organically through a search engine like Google or Bing) will be more likely to opt in and downloading the upgrade.

For example, if I ran a blog about parenting and I just wrote a post called “3 Tips to Make Sure Your Child Sleeps Easily At Night”, I’d have more success with a content upgrade like “13 Point Checklist To Get Your Child To Bed On Time” rather than a generic site wide lead magnet call “101 Parenting Tips To Help You At Home”.

One strategy you can use which I’ve tested and had some good results with is doing specific and customized retargeting based on your blog post using your content upgrades.

So after someone visits this page for example, they then go back to their newsfeed on Facebook and see my ads saying “Hey! You forgot to claim your FREE checklist on optimizing your blog for conversions!”.

Another headline which I saw the guys over at Digital Marketer use which I really liked was “Did life get in the way? Get your free conversion checklist for free now!“.

By doing this, you’re being super specific and plugging any gaps in your sales funnel. I love this strategy because you can turn your organic (free) traffic into optins using paid traffic like Facebook and Google etc.

If you used a 2-Step Clickpop for your content upgrade on your blog post, you’ll need to create a new landing page to remarket with so people don’t just end up back on your post. That way you can customize the page specifically to people who forgot to take action and claim your content upgrade.

Pretty ninja stuff am I right?

3. Adding An Exit Popup

It’s only natural at some stage people will be leaving your website to go somewhere else.

It’s sad I know.

But before people go and continue to live their lives, we’ve got an opportunity to make a last ditch challenge and guide our audience in making a decision.

It’s like our last request of someone before they leave our business.

If it was in real life, it would be kind of like a “Hey! Just before you go John, would you like this free 10% off coupon for your next visit?”

But on the internet, we call them exit popups. And they can be very powerful if used effectively across your website.

So there’s 2 main types of lead converting Exit Popups:

1. Before You Go…Want My Free Gift?

I’m sure you’ve seen this one before on a handful of blogs and maybe even found it annoying, am I right?

But the exit intent exit popup is a great driver of opt-ins if executed right.

And remember, these are people who you would’ve otherwise have lost into the abyss of the internet.

So what should you do with your free gift exit popup?

Keep it simple. I’d start with one of your best converting lead magnets and offer that straight up, or if you haven’t tested or used a lead magnet on your blog you can create a new one. If you’re creating a new one specific for the exit popup of your website, make it an overarching idea which people can take advantage of no matter which page on your website they come from.

So if your website is talking about nutrition, you could have something along the lines of “[FREE] Raw Food Shopping List Download”.

It’s really easy to build an exit popup in Clickfunnels using ClickPops – Mark goes into detail on how to do it and integrate it with your blog here.

Here are some examples of exit pops I really which I’ve come across on the web and you can even #FunnelHack for ideas on your own blog:

This exit pop is less of a commitment on a visitors behalf as they’re only presented with two buttons, not an optin box.

While the buttons may take them to a landing page with an email optin element, it’s far less intrusive upfront.

When using the 2-Step Optin Exit Popup, you can ask your visitors a question about what your blog is on.

So for example if I asked a question from an organic food website, it could be something like “Which type of food do you eat more of? X or X”

Then based on their response, you can take them to another piece of content or landing page to take the visitor deeper into your funnel.

4. Having an A+ Retargeting & Follow Up Game

The last (and one of the most critical) ways to make sure that your blog is optimized is to have your retargeting game on point.

Depending on the type of business you have there’s a few different ways you can do this.

One of the most successful strategies I’ve seen is retargeting content upgrades as I mentioned above in the advanced area, but with the elements Clickfunnels offers that you can add to a page, you can do a lot more.

So let’s create an example of a mini content funnel and how we can maximise retargeting to our audience.

Mini Retargeting Example

The blog post we’ll use for this example will be called “3 Ways You Can Use The ‘Comfortable Close’ On Your Next Webinar”

Then we’ll go into our Facebook Audience Manager and create a retargeting pixel called “The Comfortable Close Sales Script LM”.

This is also the name of the lead magnet or content upgrade we’ve created which we want people to take next in our funnel.

We’ll set the retargeting audience to only show to people who have been to that post and only show them for 7 days after they have visited.

What we can do then is build a Facebook Ad to start driving our visitors to a video series which you can easily build in Clickfunnels using the video unlocker element – learn how here.

So now as people hit your website, they’ll go back and see the page which you offer a video series of value (which will require their email address).

This not only builds massive trust and rapport, but you can sell a low to medium level ticket product too (I’ve even seen some cases of products up to one to two thousand dollars been sold on a video series alone.)

If you want to take this content retargeting one step further, after the 7 days you show the initial ad, you can add in bonuses for the same offer…a free 10 minute personal Skype call for example. You can run the second offer for a further 14 days using retargeting for the specific post with your bonuses and then see how it performs in your market (each case is unique, so I suggest you test and optimize all your campaigns).

So lets do a quick recap of what we’ve done from both visitor and markter’s perspective.

Visitor’s Perspective

  1. Visitor visits your website and consumes your content but doesn’t take your content upgrade
  2. Visitor goes back to Facebook and see your retargeting ad in their newsfeed
  3. Visitor clicks ad to go to video series and gets taken to the landing page (Option 1 – They join the series within 7 days.)
  4. Visitor closes the page and doesn’t join the video series for the first 7 days of the retargeting campaign
  5. Visitor sees a new offer after 14 days from visiting the blog post with a 10 minute free Skype call if they join the video series (Option 2 – They join the series within 14 days)

Marketer’s Perspective

  1. Marketer creates a value packed blog post and associated content upgrade and publishes it to his blog
  2. Marketer sends paid traffic and receives organic traffic to blog post. Marketer has added 2 Facebook retargeting pixels to the specific post. The first retargeting pixel retargets the visitors to the blog post within 7 days of reading it, to a video series using the Clickfunnels video unlocker which will require the visitor to optin.
  3. The second pixel will do the same however retarget based on the following 14 after the first pixel has been served to the audience. This will make the offer more tempting by using a bonus and should increase optins.

Now don’t get me wrong.

This is pretty advanced material right here, but if you’re looking to build a blog up and drive some serious traffic for your company, this could add lots of zeros to your bottom line, especially if you’re getting 5,000+ visitors per month to your website already.

Regardless of your size, I’d advise you to make sure you AT LEAST install:


What I meant by ‘All Website’ is anyone who visits your site is added to your list no matter which page they arrive to first. That way if you ever decide to sell a product or service, you instantly have an audience who you can market to even at the most basic of retargeting levels who is interested in what you have to offer.

This also works really well if you want to cross-promote affiliate products.


So I’ve covered 4 take away lead generating mechanisms which every blog should have installed and be utilising to start building their list and generating revenue.

Lead generating using content marketing can be one of the most profitable marketing strategies if just a few simple steps are taken to setup your blog to capture leads. The issue which most blogs have is they don’t give their visitors an option to opt into their email list to begin with!

Which ways are you using on your website or blog to gather leads effectively? Let me know in the comments below.

I am excited to show you a system that can help you work smart with minimal time,5 minutes a day hence the name 5 minute Moguls System. It is designed like you are playing  monopoly game. Each board has something productive to give you results.

When you get your 5 Minute Mogul System all setup with all the income streams all setup, you can start making money as your traffic starts to come in… (Assuming you took them up on their offer to not only handle all the “Tech Stuff”, so you can kick back and see what it’s like to be a “5  Minute Mogul” running your business in as little as 5 Minutes a day… Yeah, they’re doing all that for you absolutely free here: http://5MinuteMogul.com

But they’re also going to do their best to ensure that you hit that “5 Minute Mogul” status by finding the BEST of the BEST traffic and sending it to your affiliate link for you like this…


“I’ve got some Good, Great, Amazing & INSANE News for you,

The Good News is 210 new members Joined your Infinity Downline in the 5 Minute Mogul System YESTERDAY Alone! (And Already 113 More Today!)
Check out the Stats (Proof) in our system: 



The Great News is that if you get qualified for our Guaranteed Income Bonus Pools you’ll be GUARANTEED to earn a Bonus off of every single one of them that qualifies…”

All they ask is that you help them cover their cost for the traffic (Seriously, they’re not marking it up a penny, just passing the bulk buying savings on to you).

They know that this thing converts & it makes money.

And they know that when they help you make money, they make money, so it’s in their best interest to make you as much money as they can!

You’ll be shocked once you are Playing the simple game, plugging in to the system and pushing the go button… So simple… So Powerful.Things in your life are about to get EXCITING!

Register now before everyone jumps in. Timing is  essential!


Paving the way

Charles Kaluwasha

Viral Express Marketing

– See more at: http://www.lifeonthenet7.com/workathomeblog/?p=3795#sthash.YRYMoq7g.dpuf

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