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Challenges faced by entrepreneurs and how to overcome them


Today’s entrepreneurs face many challenges such as how to deal with funding alternatives, social media, virtual and traditional networking, new working environments and strategies for the ongoing evolution of the entrepreneurial environment. They have to think outside of the box and take a non-linear approach to problems and solutions. They thrive in complex and challenging environments.

EFactor founders Adrie Reinders and Marion Freijsen in their latest book state that entrepreneurs automatically have to think international – with the rapid increase of the Internet, technology, blogs and social networks, entrepreneurs cannot afford to simply think about their local audience. They ought to be aware of the global aspects of their business and plugged into the virtual world through social networking and social media.

With this challenge, entrepreneurs need to devise new strategies in order to fit in this  new and vulnerable marketing environment. They are urged to utilize the social media not only for their personal branding but for expanding their business profiles for profitability.

If you do not know how, find some courses being offered to improve your business literacy. Recently there was a big launch on how to socialize for profits using Face book. This is a course that will teach you how you can leverage Face Book to make 6- figure income in your first 6 months online.

Another place you can find help is following the TrafficPlayBook Team that siphons traffic free from all social media platforms.

But don’t take our word for nothing, this is the strategy that smart people are using to make money online. If you are chasing the air, you will never make any dim on line. If you are overwhelmed and over loaded with promises that do not yield any results,stop and think for a while and take another step.

Successful  people take a step backwards and take another course that leads to success for example viral express is one of the system that has helped straggling entrepreneurs to see the light at the end of  big tunnel. We have some testimonials to prove the viability of this program…

Listen to what some of our new entrepreneurs have to say about Viral eXpress.

“This is a system that anyone can use. It is simple to understand. And the support and training are the best I’ve ever seen.” Nicole Pietrasik, Michigan

“Viral eXpress has eliminated the need for me to talk to a whole lot of people that are not interested in my business. I can honestly say that I have never experienced a system that has made such cost effective use of my time and money. After just a few months, I am now able to promote several businesses online without spending a dime out of my pocket. Viral eXpress is the only system that makes sense to me.” Howie Arzt, Vermont

“I have never seen a system that is so simple and duplicable. The amazing thing is that anyone can use it … regardless of background or talent. Thanks to viral marketing, my team has grown from 6 people to over 45,000! There’s no catch here. With Viral eXpress the sky really is the limit!” Christy Ivkovich, Wisconsin

“I’m a newcomer to computers … and newcomer to the lnternet … For the past ten years I’ve worked 2 full-time jobs just to stay Just Over Broke (J.O.B.). I have also worked numerous programs over the years. It seems I was always struggling just to replace the members who were quitting each month.

Then I found Viral eXpress! Now all we do is touch base with networkers, give them a free website and let the system do the work. We now have the time to spend training, coaching, and nurturing our growing team.

We talk to fresh networkers each month … the people are very responsive and by referring others our advertising costs are eliminated. Thanks to Viral eXpress our team is growing along with our lncome! Karl Lambright, Indiana

“I am a single father of 2 wonderful children, and as you can well imagine, the most important commodity in my life is time. Before using viral marketing systems, I was working 80 hours a week and traveling extensively for business. I was making great money but missing the opportunity to see my kids grow up.

Viral eXpress has allowed me to cut down on the business travel, increase vacation time, and spend quality time with my children. Working out of the house allows me to attend their important school and sports events. And eliminating the 90 minute commute sure hasn’t hurt. I couldn’t have done it without Viral eXpress.

Barry Gruber, North Carolina

Get started today and see your business explode!

Here you will all the new tools needed in this vulnerable marketing environment such as:

1. Personal Development tools

2. Communicationtools

3. Marketing Tools

See you @ the Top,

Charles Kaluwasha
Viral eXpress Team Leader


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