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“Choosing the Ultimate Business” Why Own a Business

There are many benefits to being a business owner. It’s great to have some control over our schedule. We don’t have someone telling us what to do (they ask). We have some control as to who we wish to work with and how we spend our time. We get paid EXACTLY what we are worth. We don’t have to ask, or beg, anyone for a raise. If we want more money, we either work harder or smarter, or even both.

Not only are we unlimited as to our income opportunity, we also have the opportunity to charge a number of expenses to our business that are tax-deductible which would normally be personal and non-deductible. Business owners including those owning home-based businesses, on average, earn more than those who choose to work at a job. Business owners have more control over their lives, more freedom, more opportunity than any other form of earning an income.

On the other hand, if we are the typical business owner, we will face some significant challenges that we would never experience to the same degree when we work for others. In the order in which we normally encounter these, they are: self-discipline; maintaining a vision for a future of freedom and independence; government mandated policies and paperwork; finding, training and keeping good employees; money; developing the necessary personal management skills; and finding adequate time to spend with one’s family.

In general, small business owners fall into two categories:

1.The income derived from their business is about what they would normally earn working for wages. In essence these individuals have “bought” their job and have a sense of security knowing they can’t be fired.

2.By anyone’s definition, they operate a very successful business. However, the time demands of the business allow little, if any time for family. Therefore it is more accurate to say, “the business owns them.”

Criteria for the Ultimate Business

1. Minimal paperwork, including that mandated by government agencies.
2. No employees
3. Limited capital investment (low financial risk) with no significant overhead.
4. Unlimited income, able to serve a National or International market.
5.Residual income analogous to owning an oil well or royalties from a best-selling book once the business is established to fund retirement, charities or other interests.
6. Choice of working hours instead of being a slave to convention.
7. Portable (the business will go where ever I choose to live‹even in a remote area).
8. High level of self development to be indulged at my own pace and as I sense that need.
9. Rewards self-expression instead of repressing it.
10. Optimize personal freedom.
11. No commute, I can work from home if I choose without being penalized.
12.Time for family activities as the business can function without my direct daily involvement.
13.The business capitalizes on at least one major trend.
14. A massive well identified consumer market already exists for its products or services.
15. Your market position is protected by effective patents or trade secrets.
16.Your products or services can demonstrate substantial and overwhelming evidence as to their effectiveness and superiority over similar competitive products or services.
17.Some major event helps create the momentum that further enhances the opportunity.
18.The product or service being offered invites repeat sales and customer loyalty.

All exceptional business opportunities have certain common denominators. We believe you will find them listed in the above. If the above criteria describe your concept of the Ultimate business, please proceed and let us explain why we believe a well chosen Network Marketing opportunity, which we represent, can fulfill this like nothing else.

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