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Click Intensity Going Crazy


This is going crazy !

I was just checking some stats and realised Click Intensity have crossed over 2.6 million unique hits in less than 30 days on Click Intensity websites… wow!

This is unheard of in our industry !

Check this image for proof or click here
( Turn Display Images On )

Just the start – history in the making !

Advertisers are already lining at  door so that they can start advertising
on our portfolio of websites…

More advertisers means more revenue for Click Intensity and hence more
revenue for all of you on your Silver Purchase packs !

Remember each $25 silver pack will pay you $30 and the more revenues Click intensity gets from advertisers , faster they pay out revenue shares to members !

Soon we will be at 2 million views a day and then 20 million views a day !

This is the time to focus and build a big Click Intensity team
Catch up later  with  new  updates  as we move closer to the  Bid Day!



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One Response to Click Intensity Going Crazy

  1. Charles V Kaluwasha (@lifeonthenet7) March 14, 2016 at 3:44 am #

    Great oppoftunity, more revenue and financial freedom to many

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