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Does your company treat you according to what they see?

Jim Clemmer tells us that many managers see people as they are and treat them according to what they see. This is typical of ineffective leaders for example,  a less effective leader would take a small gold-fish and keep it in the small bowl thinking that since it would be ineffective and wasteful to put it in a larger environment.

On the flip side, effective leaders  would move the same fish in a large pond and it can grow up to a bigger and long  fish. Here we learn that the biggest factor that determines the size of the fish is  the size of its environment. This applies to people!

Our outstanding coaching program and coaches see people as they could be effective in their own rights and grow that potential when they complete the 12 sessions of our famous bootcamp.

A research done by Jim Clemmer, shows that extraordinary coaches all over the world share the following attributes:

  • They are supporting and encouraging group of people
  • They care deeply about their students’ progress
  • They have a belief that people can grow,change and improve despite their failures
  • They always focus on the future of their students
  • They always show the interest beyond immediate job performance
  • They allow most of the solutions to come from their students,thereby allowing them to develop skill set to apply into real world.
  • And they have more frequent,15 minutes conversation once a week.

The above attributes are incorporated into our coaching program and that makes us different from other organisations.

Before we admit someone to our organisation, we interview them to see if they are a fit to our values and inspiration.

Do you think you can benefit from our coaching program?

Click here to register for our webinar and learn how you can be an effective leader 

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