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Creating S. M .A .R .T. Goals

The first days of the new year are already behind us. We have began this new time period with new ideas and setting new goals.

Many people look forward to a new start at the beginning of a new year: a new job, new place to live, new business,go to a college or university or start a new phase of life.

Some other people do not think of anything, they are contented with of what they do in their current situation. they have no set goals.

This brings me to point of how one can set own goals. Some scholars have come up with the acronym,S. M. A. R. T. to provide a more comprehensive definition for setting goals.

M- meaningful,measurable,motivational
A-attainable,agreed upon,achievable,acceptable,action-oriented

For any action one wants to undertake, there must be specific goals to achieve the intended outcome. You can only do this by creating S. M. A. R. T Goals. They must be Specific,Measurable,Attainable, Realistic and Timely. A Specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal.

Again remember the acronym:


To help you set a specific goal, you must answer the six “W” questions:
Who: Who is involved?
What: What do I want to accomplish?
Where: Identify the location
When: Establish the time frame

What are my Goals for 2010?
I want to more links until I achieve more traffic and income level I want this year
Link building is the food for any website. Site with the most quality links pointing back to your website get the most traffic and make more money. I want my site to indexed and ranked higher over time. I want consistent grow my site and presence online to maintain a steady traffic and make more money.

How do I do this and where can I get the resources from?
I have subscribed to Paul’s link building software that gives me 50 plus fresh and high quality links every month at a cost of $8.00 only. I know the efforts and small investment will be rewarded and pull more traffic, thereby increase my affiliate sales and more income for years to come.

My second goal is to promote the Plug-In Profitsite. What do I want to accomplish?

You see the Plug-In profitsite is the most profitable, fully functional and legitimate home business website built for you within 24 hours. And it has 5 very powerful affiliate programs that include, Empowerism,SFI,Host Gator, MyWorldPlus and GDI.

This is a flexible affiliate program, you can make changes to the website in any way you want and add or remove any affiliate programs when ever you like.

This program does not cost you thousands of dollars per month. In fact the initial investment is less that $60.00. Some of the programs are free to join.

Promoting this affiliate program well will give you more than $80.00 per sign up and more that $20.00 residual income as long as they remain active.

In summary, I want to promote the Plug-In Profite site because of obvious benefits:

It is #1 referral tool used by the top affiliates in the top 5 programs
It is a proven million dollar sales machine
It is already proven to work tremendously well
It has a FREE home business secret min-course that teaches newbies how to make money online.

So promoting the Plug-In Profitsite will make me money than any other programs on the web.
For more that two years I have seen how this program has helped me live a comfortable life than 5 years ago. Just imagine getting extra income every week and month like an ATM machine.

So if you are stuck with setting out your goals, follow what I have just given you or you can get started today by visiting the Plug-Inprofitsite. These other programs will suck your money for nothing! This is a proven site, and it works!

Sitting on the fence and doing nothing won’t get you anywhere. There is no rocket science in internet marketing. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, that is it, you are ready to go.

Thank you for reading this inspirational goal setting article. If you have any questions about starting your business,email me or leave a comment on my blog and I will respond to your needs as soon as possible,

To your success,

Charles Kaluwasha

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