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DCC Affiliate Marketing: Easy Way To Earn Extra Income

Today we are focussing on  an easy way to earn extra income with Domain Cost Club(DCC) affiliate Program.DCC provides at-cost pricing for Club Members because they don’t like tricks and gimmicks. They treat every aspect of Membership the same way.

Rock bottom at-cost pricing on domain registrations, renewals, and transfers.

You can try them  free for 30 days. If you don’t like it, no problem. Just cancel from within your account and you’re done. Your domains are still yours, and you can come back at any time.

And if you already have domains at another registrar and have realised that they baited you in with discount registration and now they’re charging you astronomical renewal fees, DCC  can give you an instant quote to see how much money you can save by taking advantage of their at-cost pricing.

Not only will you save money,but get at-cost pricing on all transfers and renewals. Almost every transfer results in a one year renewal of your domain. That’s all you pay to transfer your domain; no more transfer or renewal fees. Thousands of marketers are switching over to DCC because of the above savings! In addition, you have the opportunity to take part in their affiliate program.

Affiliate Opportunity with DCC


As a member of Domain Cost Club, you can take part in the affiliate program offered by the club. Are you new to affiliate marketing or unsure what it is?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing program where members, like DCC members, are rewarded for each referral who becomes a member. Affiliate marketing makes sense for many people because it’s a way to get paid for something you already do. When you like a product or service, you tell your friends, right? With affiliate marketing you get rewarded for those friends, or referrals, who decide to use that recommended product or service. Want to know how the affiliate program works for DCC? Below is our introduction to affiliate marketing for complete beginners and affiliate veterans who are simply new to DCC!


As we said above, referrals are those people who you recommend DCC to, who then become members. To be counted as a referral, these people must sign up for a new membership.

So how do you get credit for a referral? When you sign up with DCC, DCC will generate a page just like www.domaincostclub.com except it is your referral link. When you link to your referral page, people can sign up for the same DCC products you did, but now give you credit for the sign up.

Your Network

As you refer more people to DCC and they refer people, this begins to build your network. With affiliate marketing, you earn referral income from people you’ve directly referred as well as people they have referred. To imagine how this works, think of how people are connected to a network, you know someone directly, and they know someone, who knows two people, who knows more people. You’re not directly connected to those people who are on the far edge of your network, but you are connected through your own connections. How does this apply to earning commissions with DCC? It simply means that DCC rewards you for the people you share DCC with and then keeps rewarding you as the network of people you have referred continues to build out, even when you’re not directly referring anyone.


The word matrix may sound a little overwhelming, but it’s actually a simple complex that helps to explain how your network makes you money.  A matrix is a way to organize those referrals we talked about so that everyone earns the most money possible. DCC uses a 4 x 7  matrix, with 7 being the number of levels in the network.  That means you will receive a commission for your referrals, their referrals, and theirs all the way down through 7 levels. These levels of people are often referred to as your downline.

So where does the 4 come in? Everyone’s first level is made up of 4 people, once you hit that 4, the next person spills down onto the next level, building your downline. The best part of spillover is that this means people will spill onto your downline as the person who referred you fills up their first line. That’s even more referral income, this time coming from the person who referred you!


Payouts are the monthly or semimonthly way DCC gets you the commissions you earned off of your referrals and network. If you’re a club member, you can have your commissions paid out monthly. As a Lifetime Charter Member, your commissions can get paid more often at a semi-monthly plan.


On top of your commissions, you also have the chance to earn bonuses. For each person you refer, you not only earn commission but you earn a one time referral bounty. Learn about current bonuses here: https://www.domaincostclub.com/affiliates.dhtml

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn extra income for something you’re already doing. Decide if you want to be an affiliate and begin building extra income right away.

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