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Discover why Wellness Business is a Trillion Dollar business

Keeping You Healthy

Keeping You Healthy

Alpha Lipid The health industry worldwide is concerned with treating symptoms of sickness instead of preventing and treating illnesses. Many nations were spending billions of dollars on health care system and the majority of these cases were age related.

This has led to the development and emerging of the wellness business with one aim in their strategy- to make people,the baby boomers feel stronger and continue to live healthier.

The wellness industry has nothing to do with sickness, but help people to stay well, slow down thier aging processes and help them to avoid becoming consumers of the sickness business.

Paul Pilzer, the author of the Next Millionaires defined wellness as”money you spend to make you feel healthier,even when you’re not sick by medical terms”.

The wellness business started developing in the last few decades as a result of new technology. There was new creation of viagra to improve sexual performance of the 70 years-olds,Rogaine to enhance hair growth,Cosmetic dentistry to improve teeth decays, vitamins and food supplement,antioxidants and elective plastic surgery all to enhance the quality of life,slow down the process of aging and keep everyone active up to the age of 100 years.

To keep this industry on the move and,personal trainers must be available to help many folks learn the techniques and skills to stay fit and active, especially sportsmen. That is why life coaches are all over the net and in every city helping all people to learn how to stay fit and active.
There are many companies providing wellness products to people who want to remain young and healthier. One of the companies that is a leader in the wellness business in the Australasia countries in the New Image International.
It is one of the first companies to start producing Alpha Lipid or colostrum.New Image International has been granted New Zealand Patent “number 570635,Bioactive Delivery System”.

The patent outlines the unique process of capturing and processing natural colostrum for human consumption. The patent also outlines how New Image International protects the bioactive compounds in
colostrum by coating them with a unique lipid ALPHA LIPID™.

There are three actions of Alpha Lipid™ that make
up the “Bioactive Delivery System” patent:

1. Providing a bioactive substance.

2. Providing a lipid mixture extracted from milk wherein
the lipid mixture comprises an effective amount of
sphingomylein, ganglioside and phospolipid.

3. Coating the bioactive substance with the lipid
mixture, with the result that the dispersibility of the
bioactive substance in the lipid mixture is increased.

Let’s learn about colostrum!
When mammals, including humans, are born the first
food they receive is mother’s colostrum. This pre-milk
fluid is a wonder of nature, packed with nourishment –
immune tonics, growth factors and a unique balance of
vitamins and minerals that cannot be synthesised.
Colostrum supports healthy growth and development
and a naturally responsive immune system.

It provides critical immune factors and complex lipids for overall
health and wellbeing.

New Image International Ltd is the market leader in products containing premium bovine colostrum. Because colostrum is non-species specific, bovine colostrum can be taken by humans.

Alpha Lipid is the first colostrum in the world to receive patent
protection to ensure that we continue to deliver
nature’s best”.

To obtain the maximum benefits of colostrum it is
important that as much natural bioactive colostrum
is delivered to the intestine and bowel as possible.
By coating the colostrum particles with the unique ALPHA
LIPID™ extract they are protected as they pass through
the harsh stomach environment.

The Alpha Lipid™ then assists the colostrum particles to more effectively dissolve in the intestinal fluids.
Once the natural bioactive compounds arrive into
the small intestine they go to work, supporting the
maintenance of a healthy gastro-intestinal tract.

For your information,New Image International, a listed New Zealand company,has been providing a range of colostrum-based products since 1993. This a well respected company because it serves the large community across the Australasia countries and is expanding to all corners of the world.

Charles Kaluwasha

What is your story?

What is your story?

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