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Don’t let money fake you!


“When I have money then I will…”. This is a statement that so many of us make or have heard someone else say. In this episode of A Minute With Mark, we are given a subtle yet very powerful tweaking to our mindset that will bring us more fulfillment and happiness.

When we make a habit of this lifestyle tip of living right here and right now, we will be amazed by what we can accomplish with our time while we stay within the capacity of our current situations. Our ability to stay present will bring us more happiness.

This concept is not far of from Ekhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now teachings. Our only true position of power is in this exact moment; in this present time; right Now. Even when we are thinking about the future or reminisce over the past; that action is taking place right Now. So let us remember…

“Vision without execution is just hallucination.” ~ Henry Ford

Thinking about what you will do when you have money is cheating yourself out of that exact experience you want too enjoy. Mark provides a number of examples in the video such as, “When I make money then I will get a personal trainer”. Well, how about getting a gym pass right now or even leaning some Barstarzz workouts routines right now.

Getting in the habit of doing what we can do now will bring us more happiness now and on top of that, it will inspire us even more to take the necessary actions to design the lifestyle we desire.

By simply living now (instead of faking ourselves out by saying, “When I have money then I will…”) we can quickly begin to strike more things off of our bucket list.

Did you like this lifestyle tip from A Minute with Mark? If you did, comment with what you will do now within the capacity that you’ve been say, “When I have money then I will…”. Then share this post with your comment in the new shared post so that the people who support you can keep you accountable.

Written by Rasheed B, “An ILN Member

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