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Effective ways to leverage your story in your marketing strategies


Setting and writing a list of GOALS

Setting and writing a list of GOALS

Today I wanted to share with you a CRUCIAL ingredient to your success…

Not only on Facebook, but in LIFE and in your business as a whole.

Many newbies and I have just joined Internet Lifestyle Network University  in the last  few days surrounded by 6, 7 and 8 figure earners in this industry and ONE COMMON thread amongst ALL of them is that they ALL KNOW THEIR STORY,SHARE IT and LEVERAGE IT in their business!


If YOU do NOT KNOW, SHARE and LEVERAGE your story
in your business…you are 100% LOSING OUT on not only
money, but meaningful relationships AND EVERY ONE ELSE

I’m going to be completely real with you right now…

YOU are someone special!

You are a winner,not a loser

You have a positive expectancy of achieving you goals and take every setback as purely temporary.

YOU are someone that EVERYONE deserves to KNOW and receive VALUE
and LOVE from!

Do you believe in your self?

I really hope you do, because I TRULY do and I don’t even know you…

You see…

It’s a sad reality that most people,especially those just beginning in
online marketing think that just because they’re not making $100,000 a month
that their STORY and their VALUE isn’t as “valuable” or “powerful” as someone
who IS making a ton of money in their online business…

That simply is NOT TRUE!

I want you to RIGHT NOW, TODAY REPLACE that belief with the belief
that YOU are special, YOU are valuable,
YOU are freaken POWERFUL and YOU
ARE successful (no matter what’s in your bank account)
and your story deserves to be  heard by many out there!

Many Prentice students who just joined ILN have started telling their stories of success,some are sharing how much they are earning now after joining (from $40 to $100). And they are proud about it. The face book is filled with such stories.

What I’m going to share  with you is crucial to your life,business and family…

Can  you pay attention, because this is EXTREMELY important for your future…

STOP hiding behind your offer and start TELLING YOUR STORY!

Many out there want to learn from you RIGHT NOW.


What is your story?


It’s WHO YOU ARE and what has happened in YOUR life up to this VERY MOMENT that has CREATED who you are…

Here’s the puzzle…

MOST people have NO IDEA what their story really is,
how to tell it and especially how to LEVERAGE it…

Sounds wierd right?

Yes It’s TRUE!

Most people (Internet Marketer’s especially)
don’t really take the TIME and ENERGY required
to SHARE or even KNOW their story…

If you want to learn how to tell your story,register with ILN and we’re going to 

share some of the most powerful content/training on this VERY subject on our hungout live webcasts  trainings!

Do this RIGHT NOW and see the difference!

Charles Kaluwasha

ILN apprentice


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