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Efficiency, cruelty or blessing? [You choose]



My friend, John C. loyally worked for almost 5 years in
corporate America. He was the first one in and the last
one to leave the office everyday. Determined to get a
promotion, he even went  to work on the weekends
just to help his boss meet deadlines.
On March 30, 2012 along with 180 colleagues, he was
laid off-  to increase “efficiency”.  How does a father
provide for two small children and a wife, when his stable
job gives him the “efficient” pink slip?
Learn how this turned out to be the most life transforming
experience of awe. He now inspires and teaches others to
listen to the one most powerful technique he used to take
an early retirement, right here.
Shut the door, eliminate any distractions and carefully
pay attention if you really want to live life on YOUR terms.
Charles Kaluwasha

Your Wealth Partner and coach


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