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Emotional Marketing,is it worthy?

The way we communicate with others makes a difference. Always remember that every one is unique and they perceive things differently. So your message must be tailored to the needs of each type of personality.

Matt Greener has given a hint on the importance of designing for personality types and why you should care.

According to human behavior studies, there were four personality types:

  • Sharks
  • Urchins
  • Dolphins and
  • Whales

Sharks are people who take action. They are goal getter ,aggressive and are fast in taking actions without analyzing all details. If you go with them for shopping, they can buy anything they see and blow out the budget!

Sharks are always motivated, ready to take control of a situation. When communicating to sharks, your message must be quick and to the point… do not go into much details, then you will lose them.

Urchins are type of personality that want to analyse the information at hand before they can take action. To win them, be respectful and give more details. You may visit them so many times before they can agree or take up your offer.

Dolphins are out going,fun and loving people. They mix well with any persons,including strangers. They always want to be part of the group. But they are easily swayed and may leave the group and join another group. These are people who move from one company to another before they can get established. They need coaching and mentoring in order to be stable in their businesses.To communicate with the dolphins, you must get excited, fun by emphasizing group work and social inclination or support.

Whale personality. These are people who show caring and are very supportive. They are  usually dedicated to serve others and improve the” world” They thrive on supporting team work and also being supported.

Therefore to be at per with whales, you must show compassion and be thoughtful. Then you will win their support.

Matt  explains that dealing with different personalities require tactics for example, if you tell a whale that they can make lots of money and be top achievers, they will not be interested in your offer, but  a shark would be interested and excited! You would think that  the whale had no ambition.

But if you twist the message and explain to them that by making money and being the top achievers, they will be able to help others and empower them for ever. This will interest them and may join your business or project that you were promoting.

In dealing with different personalities, you must be aware of emotional triggers. Use this powerful knowledge to improve your marketing communication and how to get along with everybody in your journey of success.

In summary, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. How can I communicate with the four personalities?
  2. What emotional trigger does my message?
  3. What can I do to improve my message so that it is appealing to others?

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