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Essential Marketing Tools For Your Online Business



Every home business owner needs essential and productivity tools. No matter what business you are involved with, you need these tools in every day business online.

I have been struggling with my home business online for the past 4 years. Thankfully to the 247 Fast Track System Team that has developed these giveaway essential toools(Viral Express) making it easier to recruit qualified marketers without calling,forcing freinds to join. It is a miracle!

With Viral Express, you have the unique opportunity to benefit when you share them with other industry professionals. Each of our partner companies will pay you handsomely for including their tools in your Internet Vending Machine. The amazing thing is you create multiple streams of income and multiply your business with less effort than it would take to build one income streams without Viral Express. Some of the most successful companies of all time built their business by providing cost-effective tools. It all started with the California Gold Rush in the  1800?s; the real winners were not the average Joes who were mining for gold. It was the visionary people who sold the picks and shovels. In recent times, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and eBay have all made fortunes by providing essential tools for entrepreneurs. Now, thanks to Viral Express, you can join that list without the hefty risk and cost of starting a traditional or online business. Think about it; your team members are going to use these tools regardless, the only question is whether they get them from you or somebody else. Be sure to join each of the tools below. The links will automatically honor the lines of sponsorship and direct you to your enroller’s sites. Put these productivity tools to work for you today.


With Viral Express, you build multiple streams of residual income by simply sharing these essentials tools with others. These optional Team Building Tools will occupy the bottom 4 slots in your Internet Vending Machine and generate residual income for you and your team members. Each of these tools is essential for home business success and generates an additional residual income stream for you and your team members. Your team and networkers in other companies are going to use these tools regardless … the only question is whether you get compensated when they use them. By offering these optional tools in your Internet Vending Machine, you are able to dramatically increase your income, multiply your enrollments, and significantly reduce your risk. Everybody benefits and everybody has the same opportunity. It really is a “no brainer.”

Our system appeals to any networker in any network marketing company.  You can give away free websites to people who are already involved in the industry! Besides, once you’ve used Viral eXpress to buy a new house, car, boat, etc. your family and friends will be pestering you to join.

So what do you say,my friend, let’s turn those excuses into lncome and never look back! We’ll show you how.


Call or email us today and let us know that you are ready to take the plunge! We will be there for you every step of the way.

Remember, this $1,297 system is completely FREE for both you and your team. To share this with your team members, envangelize this information but BE SURE TO REPLACE

MY USERNAME WITH YOURS at the end of the URL below. Please feel free to call me

if you have any questions or need assistance with your backoffice.


All the best,

Charles Kaluwasha

Viral eXpress Charter Member


(206) 801-1910



Even when opportunity knocks a man still has to get up off

his seat and open the door! ~ General Douglas MacArthur


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