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Discover how you can make money on Autopilot with GRN fundraiser

If you follow what I am giving you right now, EVERYTHING in your life can transform… new cars, more trips, new
friends, designer clothes, donations to stuff that actually impacts lives, more time to read, play golf, hang with your
friends, kids, spouse, buy yourself new toys, get a massage every week, eat at the best restaurants whenever you want,go on hot dates, this list literally never ends.

Because of the stiff competition online, this time we are going to do a strategy that has never been tried before.
So what you are about to see is a “training” to 12year old kids and their parents. Well, some kids will
be 12, others will be 19, others will be 25 yrs old.

We shall guide them systematically and show them super-clearly on how to tap into their existing social
network to create a list of almost 100 people, and then whittle it down to just the top 20. This is step by step instruction,not a class room type of lecture!

We are merely going to do ONE very clear training that allows the 12 year old and their parents to mail these 20 people a DVD and booklet that explains our travel membership.

And the goal is for the 12 year old to land one person from the list of 20 to say “YES!”
When that happens, the youth will have $1000 sent to the baseball team or Church organisation to fund tournaments,buy new uniforms, and lots more. This is part of our quest to create a team culture that makes 90% of money outside the highly competitive” online” niche.

If you want to see how effective this training actually is, go ahead and print out
the PDF, and spend 31 minutes going through the guided instructions and see exactly how powerful your
social network actually is.


If you watch the 31-min training above and say to yourself, “Wow, this could be an absolutely
amazing option for me to help non-profit organisations raise money.” then I invite you to watch our product video
that will be mailed to each household’s list of 20. That product video is here:

If the baseball team has 12 players, and they hit their goal of 1 YES per household,and you are a certified fundraiser in our group, you make $700 per sale. Or $8400 from just one little baseball team or church group.
What about private schools with 200 families following the training above? You’d make $140,000 on autopilot
guaranteeing you income for life.

ps…make sure you read the above info completely because
Mark Hoverson gives a ton of golden info on how to info-market. However,
his real passion is building long-term partnerships with
GRN, the travel membership club. But the opportunity is literally without a ceiling.
If you have any doubts about how legitimate and the potential it is, just
watch the guided training above again…

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