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It is very important to celebrate your achievements in life whether it appears very insignificant in your eyes. Achievement can be anything!

Buying a satellite dish

Purchasing your first home

Getting an increment from  your boss

Having your first baby

Getting married

Passing an exam at school

Creating your own blog

Getting leads and sign up for business

And the list can go on…

As for me I always celebrate when someone visits my blog and leaves a comment. Then I know that my message is reaching someone some where in the world. When some one signs to my news letter, then it is a bonus and I do celebrate. it even gets better when I make a sale! That day I would shout to my God and sing Hallelujah!Celebrating achievements

Being grateful in small things is great and God would add more things(blessings) into your life.

Yesterday the 15 th May, my family and I celebrated after graduating with a masters’ degree in clinical nursing from Victoria University of Wellington. This  was a five year intensive course involving diagnostic,assessment,research and medical/nursing innovation to understand the journey taken by our patients when an illness affects them. It has equipped me with the knowledge, skills and expertise in understanding the human behavior when a disease affects them.Time to celebrate

It took me sleepless nights, reading and researching for the past five years. Sometimes I deprived my family the love and care they needed. Not only that, but my business also suffered! I had no much time to do market research and write articles for my blog and to submit to directory of Ezines.

It was a relief when I completed this course. I thank my God for giving me courage to persevere  despite obstacles along the way. As a father and husband,a minister in the church, a worker and a citizen of a country,there are many responsibilities to carry every day. And these can affect ones life and detour you from achieving what you intend to achieve in life. It requires an understanding and caring family and have someone to take off the burdens.Thanks to my wife for the support My tribute goes to my wife Joyce for the crucial role she played to make it possible for me to complete the course. I have fought a good fight, i have run a race and I know some good things will come on my way. i would like to encourage the young ones, to plan for their future by building a strong foundation. Do not be caught up in this fast pace life and the offers it gives.Personal development is very important. The Chines proverbs states” Teach a man how to fish and will eat for the rest of his life”. In today’s economy, jobs are scarce and not many will have the opportunity to be employed. So it is time to learn some skills and start some business courses to prepare yourselves to be entrepreneurs and work for yourselves. The internet is there for you to make or create wealth.


There are  many business opportunities available on the internet. You can tap into these and live a comfortable life. Then you will be celebrating every day because you will have abundance in your life for your self and those around you. In fact we are currently seeking motivated, dedicated individuals from around the world to help us introduce high demand products and services to a large, eager audience.

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Join us in celebrating our achievement today and for ever!

Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha
Charles Kaluwasha, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author



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