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Cheap Travel

My name is Charles Kaluwasha. I have been a member of this great and wonderful Travel Membership for 5 years now and have enjoyed the deep discounts on my travel and resorts vacations. If you are one of those who like going on holidays, I would like to offer you this opportunity personally to visit Buildthelifeofyourdreams to find a bit more about our fantastic travel membership.

Before we get started, I want to start this article with a very
important question:

Do you believe it’s possible to save lots of money on a
vacation AND stay in luxury resorts when you travel?

There are many many people who don’t believe this is possible
and don’t even believe that they can travel in luxury at all.

Do you know why?

It’s because they don’t believe they deserve to have access
to luxury resorts. For one reason or another, they don’t think
they are good enough to stay in nice places when they on vacation.

That’s baloney!

I hope that you are one of the few who believes that you are
worthy to travel and stay in some of the finest5 star luxury resorts…

Now, there are others who settle for second (or maybe third) best
when they travel. (They get the “best hotel deals out there on
the Internet” and then make it back home from their vacations
with a little bit of pocket change leftover from their trip).

People just want to save money. And that’s a reasonable
desire. However…

We have changed the entire luxury travel game with our travel

We offer luxury resorts AND huge discounts to our members…all
for a lot less than what those “other companies” are charging
their customers.

Take one of our resorts in Spain, for example. It’s located in
the town of Estepona, and when
you sit outside of your room on the balcony, you can gaze at the mountains and foothills of Africa…just over the water from you. It’s that close.

When you go to Estepona, you can either travel to Africa or
Malaga, Spain (where fashion and fine dining are abundant and in
great demand). You can even go see both places.

Do you want to know what some of our members recently paid for
their stay at a 4-star luxury resort in Estepona? $298.00. For the entire week.

Or what about Cancun, Mexico? If you want to stay at the Mayan Palace Riviera (who doesn’t?),it’s in our membership directory…you can access a whole week for $699.00

Imagine all the extra vacations you’ll be able to enjoy with us. We have over 5,000 Great Deals, all over the
world. And they’re waiting for you. Why not try to see as many of them as possible?

Here is what one of members has to say:

“We used our membership for the first time in
Arizona. We have a home in Mesa,
Arizona & wanted to get away from
everyday life. On a Tuesday night
requested a resort stay only 20 minutes from
our home, they confirmed our trip
Wednesday morning, & Saturday, we drove
20 minutes away to a Beautiful 5-star
resort. When we checked in, the front desk
said it will be $335.00 per night, we handed
them our confirmation through our
membership for $398.00 for the whole
week. Very nice!! We saved over $2,100.00
on that trip alone!”
– Scot & Donna Chatron

You can pay less and get a Great Luxury
Become a member of Global Resorts
Network today.

I really want to thank you, once again, for
your interest in Global Resorts Network. I hope
you’ll see the value that the thousands of our
members have and decide to join today.

All My Best,
Charles Kaluwasha


P.S. To take a look “inside” our membership at
some of the resorts you’ll have access to
when you join, please visit


If you have any questions, please call me at

Email: buildawealthsystem@gmail.com

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