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Focus and Fear fo Success

and Fear of Success – The Biggest Monkey on Your Back?

by Jack Humphrey

If you have been on the internet for awhile, you know that there are
millions of people trying anything and everything to get your
attention. They want in your wallet. It’s a great big money grab out
there folks, and the net has become the biggest marketing arena on
the planet, driving whole industries and generating Billions of
dollars in sales.

So what’s the problem? Well, none if you are one of the small
businesses with focus. A whole lot of problems if you lack focus.

There are myriad small business opportunities on the net today. And
if you do your research and find something you want to associate
with, or you create a product for a well-researched target market,
you are well on your way to financial success. Or are you?

You see the more you become active on the net as either someone
looking for the right opportunity, or as someone who has found the
right opportunity already, the more you are bombarded with choices.
Everyday you get emails saying that the next best thing since sliced
bread has come along.

The new "thing" demands your attention and you get nervous that you
might be missing out on another opportunity for financial success.

But don’t you already have one? At least, haven’t you been presented
with several great opportunities in the last week? So why on earth
take a serious look at yet another? Why fragment the time you need
to spend on your current business with all the marketing it takes to
get yet another off the ground and profitable?

What I am talking about here is something I call "Sign-up-Itis."
(Not to be confused with Sinusitis, which can be just as

It goes like this: You find your focus, you are fired up. All is
good and you are ready to start working on the hundreds of little
things you need to do to get traffic and make sales. You need to get
good search engine positioning, you need a links campaign, you have
to research ezines in your niche and place ads, you need to set up
joint ventures, you need to create and update content on your site,
set up a merchant account, a delivery system, and the list goes on
from there.

Then you get an email from a friend or associate telling you that
you HAVE to check out the latest and greatest. You do. It’s an
awesome opportunity. You look at your plate and it’s already full
with your current project, but the plate has a lot of things on it
you really don’t enjoy doing. It’s a lot of work to make any
business pay off, as you can see from the short list above.

"It’s Much More Fun To Think About Success Than It Is To Do The
Work It Takes To Achieve It"

But this NEW thing is exciting, fresh, new. It draws you in and it’s
MUCH more fun to think about success than it is to do the work it
takes to achieve it, so you buy in. You get a ton of tools to start
this new venture. It’s all overwhelming, especially since you have
gone back to your first venture and realized you now have TWO great
things that can both make you money, but they BOTH need your
attention on a grand scale in order to see profit.

Now, here is the part where most people give up. They say to
themselves "Internet marketing is nothing more than a series of
steps that I cannot complete. I am always excited when I get started
on something, but when it comes down to DOING what I start, it gets
hard and doesn’t happen as fast as I would like it to."

Let me make one thing clear right now: It is not the net’s fault for
not providing us with real opportunity.

Opportunity abounds and is right there for us to snatch up and
achieve success. Never let yourself fall into the trap of reasoning
your way out of success. "It’s not for me." "I can’t do this – it’s
for people much better with computers and internet marketing than

The problem lies with your focus and your fear of success. You must
CHOOSE the opportunity you are passionate about, or create a product
you stand behind and love, and then hunker down for the long-haul!
Make yourself do everything you are taught to do to build your
business and build it – all the way or not at all.

It should be no surprise the next time you get an email with the
next best thing inside. You should say to yourself "That’s great!
Another opportunity for someone has just been born! But I am busy
with MY business and cannot take on another venture at this time."

We Do It On Purpose

Lack of focus is sometimes a purposeful self-defeating tactic your
subconscious uses to keep you from success. Success is NOT a
destination. It’s a journey.

And that journey scares the hell out of 99% of normal, everyday
people. So be it. It IS scary to think of radical life changes, even
if they are for what you consider to be far better than your current

But don’t let a lack of focus and your fear of success tear you away
from your dreams. USE your fear and confront it, right now. Today.

Make hard decisions and stick to them, then begin the process of
working on a focused, tight marketing campaign to make whatever
venture you choose the venture that sets you free.

Wear electronic blinders. Keep lean and mean and only take on new
responsibilities that will be good for your CURRENT business. Throw
the rest in the trash.

We all know there are tons of opportunities out there. That is a
fact. It’s time now to get the stars out of your eyes, choose your
niche, your product, your affiliate program or your MLM, and get to
work. Make a vow not to stop until you are where you want to be

The question is not "Can you really make money online?" This has
been proven time and again over the years by thousands of people,
many of whom you read about all the time.

The question is "Do you really want to be one of those people, or
are you stuck in a cycle of constantly sabotaging your success with
a lack of focus?"

The cure for Sign-up-itis is focus and hard work. Success is
something you decide to achieve one day. It’s that decision that is
often the biggest hurdle any future success story has to conquer.

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