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Follow the path of least resistance


I wanted to share this story written by Mark Call, one of my favorite mentors and authors in our niche.

This is a story that can be beneficial to those looking to get out of their 9-5 job and start making money online. “Greg’s” story goes as such…

See, “Greg” is on the verge of changing his life with his internet based home business, but he just needed a little nudge.
Maybe the same nudge you need . . .

Greg works hard, he wakes up at 4:00 am to go work in the oil fields up in Alaska.

He hates his job, and has always dreamed of using the awesome power of the internet to change his life. And well, what I said to him holds true for you . . .

He told me about his dream, and I could literally hear the
passion behind his convictions, so much so, that he got me
excited, but . .

He spoke about those dreams as if they were just a little out of reach. That’s where I came in. No dream, no matter how big, is out of his reach or yours.

No guru you see out there claiming big numbers is better than you. They got there because they believed in themselves, and just got to work.

They didn’t get to studying harder, they didn’t buy every course before they took action, they didn’t take thousands of pages of notes, no . . .

Those who succeed and succeed big online get there because they see their goals, plan a path to reach them, and then let nothing in the world stop them.

Your success is not about the details, don’t try to be perfect.Expect to make mistakes.

It’s far more important to get started now on a simple idea than it is to spend your time planning for perfection. I know you’ve heard this before, but listen . . .

Whatever it is you’re trying to do in your business right now,you’re making it too complicated if you’re not moving forward.

If it’s leads you need, Go get them. Don’t try to learn a
thousand and one ways to get leads so you can choose the one you like best. NO! Go now with what you know.

If you don’t know anything, and it’s a simple game plan you
need, understand this . . .

The forces that make your business grow are not magical or

mystical, they don’t even require you to be an expert. Here they are . . .

You get leads, you find a way to make money now on those leads,and then you put that money back into advertising so you can get more leads.

Lead abundance is what gives you the leverage to live any

lifestyle you want. If you understand this, and build you

business with this one core piece of knowledge. Mark my words,you will get rich.

If you’ve been thinking about creating your own product . . .
Good! That’s a smart idea, but today stop thinking about it and just do it. You can clean up the mess later. As a matter of fact we can give YOU a

turn key product in 5 minutes (See Below)

Do you understand that sitting right in front of you as you read

this is the opportunity for you to make millions, literally

millions in the span of the next one to two years online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the oil fields, if you’re a bike courier, or you’re a stay at home mom – The same opportunity awaits us all.

You’ve just got to quit trying to have everything perfect and just go. Get in the game. Do work, get your hands dirty, and keep moving forward.

If you follow the simple steps you will get there.

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Fall In Love with Buying From YOU!

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To the Top,
– Charles

PS – Don’t make it difficult!
Follow the path of least resistance!

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