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Food for thought as we start New Year 2016

As we approach the beginning of a new year I would like to share some advice I received from Stone Evans, the creator of Plug-In-Profit Site.

In Darren Hardy’s book, THE COMPOUND EFFECT, he states that doing small things every day consistently will create habits that will in the long run have big effects.  If they are positive habits then the long term effect will be positive.  If they are negative habits then the long term effect will be negative.  The point is that it is the little things we do day in and day out that will define a long term effect for us.  They all add up and eventually show their colors.

He goes on to say that our attitude and frame of mind is critically important in achieving our goals and desires.  We MUST think we can and believe we can in order to excel in what we are striving to achieve.  No matter what it is.  He sites many examples of extra-ordinary people achieving extra-ordinary results … because they first BELIEVED THEY COULD.

Every one of us reaches a point when we hit that wall.  Things simply become too difficult for one reason or another.  This becomes a defining point for our character.  Will we be ordinary?  Or will we be extra-ordinary?

He then went on to say that when you hit that wall, it becomes a time of truth for us.  Will we push harder to get through that wall or will we simply give up at that point?

It is often said that many people quit when they are on the one yard line.  The reason is because the wall is on the one yard line and they do not push through it. Think about what might be on the other side of that wall before you decide to turn around and walk away.

Just some food for thought as we enter into 2016.

Be Strong and Stay the Course!

Reach for the Stars … Better Yet … Reach for Diamond!



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