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Free WHOIS Privacy

How To Protect Your Privacy!

Did you know?

  1. All domain name registrations MUST be accompanied by a VALID name, mailing address, email address, and phone number?
  2. This information must be published via a public system called WHOIS?
  3. Anyone can use WHOIS to get access to this information?

Don’t believe us? Type in your favorite website and see for yourself!

Did you know Domain Cost Club can block this information from prying eyes!

Domain Cost Club Members receive WHOIS Privacy for every single one of your domain names at no additional fee!

So why pay when you can get it free?

And when you switch over to DCC, you will get all your at-cost with http://www.DomainCostClub.com 

How Does Domain Cost Club Work?

Domain Cost Club works like any other registrar; you pay for domains and we register them on your behalf at the TLD registry. Where we differ from other registrars is that we sell domains at-cost to our Club Members. Other registrars take the price they receive from the registry and mark up the registration price, like a middle man. Domain Cost Club aims to remove the middleman by giving you access to the same prices we get from the registry, the wholesale price. Whether you have many domains or just a few, Domain Cost Club has a Club Membership option for you!

Members Receive:

  •  At-Cost Pricing
  •  Guaranteed At-Cost Annual Renewals
  •  Free Domain Privacy
  •  No-Hassle Shopping


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