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Live Tonight! – She Stopped Fighting With Her Husband… And It Created FREEDOM For Her Family. (8-Figures of It)

Hey my friend…

Live Tonight, May 9th, at 9pm EST, my 8-figure
mentor Mark Hoversons wife is going to share
their families powerful story!

They went from living in a trailer, to Mark Hoverson
earning over 8-figures using the internet in only 5
years time!

…and while Mark has shared the story so many
times with people around the world… no one has
ever heard his wife’s side of the story!

Watch It Unfold Live Right Here At 9pm EST Tonight!

So tonight my good friend Vincent Ortega Jr is
bringing on Shannon Hoverson live, to share how
she felt going through their families transition
from broke to traveling the world like kings and
queens whenever they want.

A couple days ago Shannon posted on facebook
about her side of the story and here is what she


A Message By Shannon Hoverson…

“It was 2006…

Two kids, Isaac 3, Grace 1 and a baby on the
way! Mark (my husband) says to me after
already spending almost all of our savings
and maxing out all of the credit cards in HIS

“What is your Social Security Number Honey,
I want to see how much you can get approved
for so I can put it towards my new Internet


“By the way, I just paid a coach to teach me
how to make my new business work and I
just bought a plane ticket to Florida for a
conference to learn about the new company
I just joined.”

“OH…and ONE MORE THING, I want to use
the product in my business that I just bought,
so I am taking a friend to Hawaii to test it out!”


Zero Dollars in the bank, now MY credit was
at risk and a house payment due very soon.
I am still pregnant, and still chasing a 3 year
old and a 1 year old around by myself while
my husband is running to the phone at the
very first sound of its ring because there could
be a potential client.


I am Not Sure..LOL..

My husband was out there traveling and
mingling with the money that we didn’t
have while I was at home in a new community
where I didn’t know anyone and didn’t have
any family nearby.

My excitement for the day was… IF i actually
got both Isaac and Grace to take a nap at the
same time, THEN I would get a nap as well. LOL.


As I am writing this, reliving those memories
can NOW make me chuckle, cry and have such
a deep sense of gratitude all at the same time.


I didn’t see it in the beginning, but
my husband was pursuing His Dream…

He wanted to get out of the trailer (mobile home)
lifestyle and instead capture the internet lifestyle…
where he coud have time freedom to be with
the family, travel to wherever he wanted, whenever
he wanted, and be able to spend more time with
his family.


More than you will ever know.

Watch Me Talk About It Live At 9pm EST Tonight!

As time went on, and I saw his action-determination-#

notgoingtoquituntilireachmygoals work mentality
bring forth the desires of his Heart..This is what happen…

1. Father/Son vacation to Mexico.

2. Multiple Hawaii trips with me (his wife)

3. New, reliable cars

4. Nice Home

5. Lifestyle that allows him to create his own

6. Like minded friends to play, pray and
prosper with.

7. Being able to be in one state for the winter
and another state for the summer.

8. I could go on and on…I began to realize
that I was married to one of the wisest, most
loving, fun, and patient men alive… and
though I didn’t necessarily see it in the
beginning, I am glad my husband had “the
guts” to let nothing (not his wife, not his fears,
not the murmurs of friends/family, not his
financial state), win him, rather, He, was the
one celebrating!

Watch Me Talk About It Live At 9pm EST Tonight!


It is 2013…

We now have 4 kids – Isaac 9, Grace 7,
Rush 6, and Micah 5. It has brought me
GREAT JOY to be on this journey with
our children and for them to grow up in
the environment of success minded FRIENDS!

It brings me joy that Isaac is currently in an
Emerging Entrepreneurs business with young
adult aged kids watching Entrepreneur teachings
and interviewing a multi-millionaire with
NO FEAR… And because of his Dad, he instead
did that interview with excitement and hunger
in his heart.

It brings a glow to my eyes when we go places
and when Isaac is asked what he wants to be
when he grows up, or when it is “dress up like
who you want to be” at school, and Isaac
dresses like his dad and tells people he wants
to be an entrepreneur (with nothing but success
as the outcome seen in eyes) with pure
confidence in his future.

It brings me Joy that Grace wants to start her
own Greeting Card business with her own
drawings so that she can create her own money.

It brings me Joy that ALL of our kids are
surrounded by amazing growth (mentally,
spiritually, and physically) by being around
this wonderful Entrepreneurial Minded Industry,
where everyone is DRIVEN to figure out the
answer rather than QUIT.

And for this I say THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to my husband, Mark Hoverson
for Pursuing and Making your Dreams a Reality
and Having a Heart to want to see Others Have
the Same and Succeed.

AND, This Post would Not
Be Complete if I did not say,

THANK YOU to everyone involved in either
being Mark’s encouragement/coach in the
beginning, being his friend, being a student
of his, being a buyer of one of his products,
or maybe, even all of the above.


We are Blessed, because you are a part of our story!!!


Shannon Hoverson


As you can see my friends…

This is one powerful “rags to riches” story.

…and after 5 years of Mark Hoverson telling this
story, no one has really heard Shannon’s side of
it because she’s been so busy with the kids.

In fact… she still is… but Vincent Jr the host for
tonight is relentless, and knows Shannon well,
so he’s pulled her out of the wife roll and asked
her to go into the sharing roll, to help us all
realize our potential!

Watch It Unfold Live Right Here At 9pm EST Tonight!

I am excited to see you on the webinar tonight!

I will be commenting below the live stream with
you, and if you have any questions at all, don’t
hesitate to get back with me ASAP.

Your friend,

Charles & Joyce

Watch It Unfold Live Right Here At 9pm EST Tonight!



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