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Get Inspired With Michelle Pascolido’s Story


Michelle is my upline  in Global Resorts Network Travel business and from time to time she sends updates and tips on her experiences in online business. She is a very practical entrepreneur on line.She is known as the” Queen of Face Book Advertising,” And she knows the staff!

She has risen from nothing to  a 6 figure income earner within a year and half.

She is a mentor, trainer and motivational speaker

She is top in any online business you can think off.

To cut the story short, sit and relax to learn from her own life story below:

Yesterday I spoke on stage here at Jonathan Budd’s Unstoppable
Entrepreneur and before I took a stage I glance upon a sign that
said: “Be thankful for the power of your obstacles in life as they
define who you are today.”
That really resonated with me as I walked up on stage and was
going to tell my story of my own obstacles in life.
I was verbally abused
I witnessed abuse that no child should ever have to witness
I ended up marry a guy who also verbally abused me and
I was always told I was never good enough
I was told I would never amount to anything
I was worthless
I should just pack up and go away
You see after all the beaten down I eventually got off my butt after
hitting the lowest point in my life, finding myself divorced after 14
years and a single mom.  I said to myself, “You know what!? Get off
your butt and prove all those people who said you would never
amount to anything wrong!  You owe it to yourself and your kids
to give them a life you never had!”
And…that’s when my journey began as I like to call really living.
I started to regain my confidence and started focusing on my
children and giving them a life I never had.
A funny thing happened….. Once I quit dwelling on the crap that
was getting thrown my way and became thankful for those my life
The universe started placing gifts in my life that lifted me up.
A few things happened.  I met my wonderful husband Bill who I
owe so much to.  He has shown me a life I only dreamed up.  What
do I mean?  He showed me respect, he lifted me up, he protected
me, he supported me and most importantly he is my best friend
I also realized no obstacles were too big for me to overcome and
realized as a single mom before I married Bill that my kids
deserved to continue to have me at home as a stay at home mom.
I focused on making that happen and focused on getting Bill out of
his corporate America job.
I knew I had to do it quickly but how?  My mentor had once told
me that the quickest way to get into profit was to focus on traffic.
 Well that’s what I did and within a few months I was in profit
which lead to 10K in month 6 and has grown every single month
since then which was 2 1/2 years ago.
You see I tell all this because I understand the challenges and I
want to inspire you to know they are good for you.   They are what
make you stronger.  You learn from them and they define who
you are.
If I weren’t told I would never amount to anything and that I
wasn’t good enough to even be here breathing life I would not of
had the drive to prove them wrong and make an impact in this
I want you to stop just for a minute and look at your own
obstacles in life and be thankful for them and tell yourself you can
overcome them and when you do you are going to have a GREAT
story to share and you are going to be much stronger as the result
of those obstacles.
Back to my quickest way to success, traffic.
My good friend Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos are
challenging you today to consider this.  If you imagine 2013 what
is your business going to be like if you absolutely don’t change
how you are running it.  Nothing more or nothing less.
Is it where you want to be? Will it be flourishing?  Do you have a
strong suspicion that it will continue to be stagnant and
I can tell you from my own experience and the top experiences of
leaders within our industry you can’t get results if you don’t make
a change.
What you need is traffic first.  It’s not mastering how to build
capture pages, it’s not mastering how to pitch your business
anywhere and everywhere.  It’s about getting eyeballs on your
offer.  That means an irresistible offer.
So imagine now you getting a flood of traffic to your offer?  How
would this positively impact your business?
What would 100 leads a day do for your business?  I know for us
it’s turned our business into multiple 6 figure businesses.
I know you get this.  100 people to talk to a day about your
business would change it for the better, heck 15 leads a day would!
No more frustration, no more overwhelm, just pure results that
will lead to your dreams.
I can help you with this today but not for much longer.  You see
Ferny & Ray are offering for a limited time 3 traffic strategies that
are untapped into in their latest home study course.
I can only tell you this……the rest is up to you.  I am a student of
their course and I can tell you first hand it’s the best course I have
seen on traffic in a very very long time.
I created a video of my very own back office to show you proof.  I
show you what’s inside and how you can implement it in your own
business to get massive results.
So check that out today if you have not already:
If you already saw this above post and you are wanting more
information on how you can get access to something that will be a
game changer for you click the link below for all the details:
Click  HERE
Or you could just cross your arms, roll your eyes and say pfft….I
don’t need this.
I hope you would not do that and would close off the poverty
mindset and realize the abundance we are offering you today.
You deserve success, Charles and Bill and I are very passionate
about delivering you the very best.
We NEVER promote anything we don’t use in our own business or
that we aren’t getting results with.  That would just be wrong and
it’s not who we are.
So go check it all out today because next week the price goes up to
$997.  Right now it’s $297 and you can break it down in 2
payments if you choose.
Expand your knowledge and be someone of value.
$297 is a very small price to pay for your success. You will thank
me later or you can simply get a money back guarantee within the
first 30 days if you don’t like what you see.  But, I doubt you will
once you see how amazing these two are at teaching traffic
See you on the inside.
Click   HERE
Michelle Pescosolido

5000 Eldorado Pkwy Suite 150 Frisco, Tx 75034

This inspiring story was brought to you by,

Charles Kaluwasha


9 Tararua Close,Aotea,Wellington, New Zealand

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