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Giving back to the community

Many people would like to give back to their communities but some Vulnerable populationtimes it is not possible due to lack of cash flow. Those that have constant cash flow, have contributed in one way or the other to their communities.It is stated in the scripture that “those who have will be given more and those do not have even the little they have will be taken away”.
So if you want to have and give back to the community, you should find ways and means of generating constant cash flow.
My challenge is to build a hospital to alleviate the suffering of innocent and vulnerable people in society, so have taken some steps towards my intended accomplishment. See more details here

Just take a moment and imagine what you could do with an extra $10,000 every month . . .

=> What would your life be like?

=> How would you spend your time?

=> Can you think of any challenges that would fix this?

=> Would that extra money relieve any stress you
may be feeling now?

In speaking with people around the globe, we have
noticed there are 2 things in common that most people want to accomplish in their life.

This seems to be a Universal need….

1. People want to make sure their family has all their
needs taken care of … including financial security.


2. People want to be able to give back to their
communities and assist others in need.

The best way to assist the poor is to not be poor

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Charles Kaluwasha
Charter Member of Viral Express

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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