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Global Resorts Network Contest


Details About The Next Global Resorts Network Contest and How You Can Get $400.00!

And…how you too can benefit from joining my team, today.

Global Resorts Network Contest Holiday Run Tournament by Mark Hoverson
Starts: Monday, October 17th (2011)
Deadline: Friday, January 20th (2012)

To participate in the Global Resorts Network Contest you must be an affiliate.  Inquire today about becoming an affiliate, by calling Charles Kaluwasha 644.237.8910 or CLICK HERE for more information.

How to qualify for the Global Resorts Network Contest

Personal Sale = 2 points
Matching Teammate Sale = 1 point
***Layaway plans only count if sale is completed in full.

***Gold Sales = 1 point, and matching teammate = .5 point
***Must be an active member inside the “GRN Facebook Mastermind Group”, which requires you are engaged in talking to at least 1 prospect per week about the GRN product or opportunity, and you share your successes inside the mastermind. If you are wanting and willing to meet the requirements of the group, email me at support@lifeonthenet7.com for an invitation.
***Must be present during the February 10th GRN event in Phoenix, AZ (obviously if some serious thing happens we will make an exception).

Top 10 in the Global Resorts Network Contest- People with the Most Points

Luxury Global Resorts Network Mastermind- 3 Days & Nights Accommodations in Phoenix-area Mansion with Fellow Winners (exact luxury home still being negotiated)

*Feburary 9-10-11 (during the GRN and “Blueprint LIVE” event)

*amazing food

*feel cool staying at the party house (GRN party Friday night, and Blueprint Party Saturday night)

*epic branding videos

*tight team bonding & playing

*contagious viral energy moving forward

*lifelong memory

*lifelong friendships

*live recruiting frenzy while on sight

#1- The person with the most points in the Global Resorts Network contest will receive a $2000 bonus, plus one FREE invite for a new Platinum teammate to attend the Luxury GRN Mastermind.

#2- Runner-up in Most Points will receive a $1000 bonus, plus one FREE invite for a new Platinum teammate to attend the Luxury GRN Mastermind.

Rookie Global Resorts Network Contest Bonus- (has made 3 or fewer sales at the start of the tournament) Rookie who makes the most points = $1000 bonus.

“Retail Surprise” Prize- The person with the most “Retail Only” sales (meaning the buyers pay only the $2995 for the travel product alone). GRN will pay for your next week of accommodations through our travel provider (up to $799). Minimum 3 sales to qualify. Accommodations must be booked within 12 months.

Here’s the good news.  I am participating personally in the Global Resorts Network Contest and I am looking to bring a new platinum member who signs up during the contest period, on my personal team, to this event as my guest.  You stand a good chance to even qualify to stay with the top leaders in the mansion in Phoenix, Arizona.

===> So, here’s my gift to you:

Join at the platinum level during the contest period by clicking here and you will receive the following:

  • After your payment goes through during the Global Resorts Network Contest period you will receive $400.00 cash back or If you choose layaway plan your payment will need to be paid in full by the end of the contest period (valued $400.00)
  • 60 Days for FREE into Mark Hoverson’s private coaching club (valued $298.00)
  • 4 Weeks of personal 1 on 1 coaching sessions at 1 a week for 30 minutes ($2K)
  • Your very own Global Resorts Network capture page created by Eric Wilkes (valued $497.00)

See you at the top!

Charles Kaluwasha
Skype: lifeonthenet7

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