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Go for something that will impact on your life

Yesterday, I sent out an email to my  list asking  them this  question,
Friend what  things do  you   do that  will  impact  on  your  life
tomorrow or  in the  near  future?

I  think  you  may  have  seen some  people  in your  town or  neighborhood
how their  lives have  completely  changed either  to the  best  or  waste.
This entails  that what  we do  today  will  have  an impact in the

This is  a thought that  we should be  thinking  every day.

I  leave  this  provoking thought for  you  to ponder and  lets  have
your comment….

Best  regards,


The response was overwhelming, one of  them had to say this,
Hello Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
The reason I don’t answer you it’s because I’m not sure that I have well understand everything about this opportunity. Even with the website. Make money it’s ok. Above all, what is exactly my implication in this business I have to do ? May i have to pay something?
Best regards,
xxxxxxxxx (Name withheld).
My reply to  her was like  this below:
Good  day  xxxxxc(name withheld),

Thank you  for  the  response, I  was  wondering  why you do not reply  to all  my  emails.

Now  I do  understand  why…..

What impact  has  this  opportunity on your life???.

I will  give you  an illustration loan repayment as below:You may miss out on a golden opportunity to pay down the principal while interest rates are low.

Is a principle and interest the right loan for you considering that interest-rates are now at all time lows? Sometimes it can be worth paying more now to save money later. Paying down as much as you can off the loan principal now could mean that when interest rates do rise, you will be paying those higher interest rates on a reduced loan amount. Of course, a reduced loan size could mean lower loan repayments and/or paying less interest in the long-term.

Can you see the  impact an individual will have on  paying more  now  than wait?

In regards  to this opportunity, if  you  start  investing into it now  while  you are  young, energetic and working, you will be better off in two to  five years  time than your  friends or work mates.


Own boss, work from home without  missing your  kids or husband if you have  any

Enjoy all the  profits, do what you love without  time restrictions, visit places you have  dreamed of

Yes  you have to spend money to  make  money, I can not  over emphasize this, but  you  will  not  be left  alone, you will have  a supporting team to guide you through this process  until you  start  earning $100,000s/month. If  others  are  doing it, you  can too…

Yesterday a young man, 24 years, earned over $4,000,000.00 in a short period of  4 months in one of the  # 1 company everyone is joining. You  can see how  excited this man was to earn such an amount of  money. What impact will  this have on his future?

To do that, he was guided  step by step until he started  earning  huge commissions. You can also  start and go  through the  six  steps to building your  wealth. All  you have to do  is have a change of  mind-set and  everything will fall in place.

I hope this opens your mind and  start  thinking of  your  future in 10 to 20 years ahead.

So if  you  need  help to  get  started, reply  to  this  email or sign up here  and  get more  details.

Talk to  you  soon,

Have a blessed day,

Charles Kaluwasha

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You  might  be in similar  situation like  many  others, but  to come out of  that, there are  many  ways  to  change  your  circumstances. It is a matter  of  making  a choice and  go for  it. Leaving your comfort zone and try something  that may even scare you but the final outcome will have  better implication on your life in future.

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