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Dr. Howard Cohn, DC


SevenPoint2 2014: HEALTH MADE SIMPLE
Happy New year and welcome to our monthly SevenPoint2 Wellness Letter. Each month we will be bringing you a variety of tools and information to help spread our mission of helping the world get, stay and advance their health simply and easily. After 25 years in practice in the field of natural health care plus over 20 years in the nutritional direct sales industry, there’s one thing I’ve observed over and over again and that’s if it’s not simple, NO ONE WILL DO IT. It is for this reason that SevenPoint2 has put together the Health Made Simple Program for 2014.
The Health Made Simple Program makes it, for the first time ever, simple & easy to become alkaline. Nutritional science has shown us that too many acid foods can make us sick while increasing alkaline foods in our diet can keep us healthy…It’s that simple!
It’s as easy as 1,2,3.
Step 1: Take the 7.2 Shake (2 scoops) and the 7.2 Green Powder (1 Scoop) at Breakfast.* 
Step 2: Take the 7.2 Recovery throughout the day (2-3 tablets, 2-3x/day)
Step 3: Take 7.2 Alkaline Booster before bed (4 capsules)
Told you it was simple!
Here’s the reality folks: when you have health, you are not sick. When you have health, you feel great. When you have health, you have boundless energy. When you have health, you look younger than your years. When you have health, you have it all!
Let 2014 be your year. Get and stay healthy with the simple & easy, Health Made Simple Program from SevenPoint2!
*Note: If you are in a market that does not yet have access to our Shake & Greens Powder, substitute with 7.2 Green Caps (4 capsules) & a sensible breakfast.
From the desk of Dr Howard Cohn, DC
Cofounder and Chief Product Officer


Ask The Nutritionist
Bill Sickert BSc. JD, CNC
The Four TRUTHS of Weight Loss Revealed

It starts out innocent enough. You put on a few extra pounds

…but not to worry because you know what to do.

You’ve gained a little weight in the past but were always

able to get it off pretty quickly.

Then it happens…it’s not budging!

What the heck is going on?

Has my metabolism slowed down? Am I eating too much?

Not moving or exercising enough?  Whatever it is,

the prospect of losing control of your figure can

cause a lot of physical, mental and emotional suffering.

You’re locked out of the House of THIN.


Modern day weight gain for folks can be like getting

a door slammed in your face. The ability of your

metabolism to access the extra fat that accumulates,

especially around your hips, thighs, backside and

stomach, gradually gets worse until one day you’re

locked out. 


Masters of Illusion

Very few industries have perfected the art of persuasion

like the over-promise, under-deliver world of weight loss.

They know how to use psychological triggers and

emotional hot buttons with the skill of a surgeon.

You’re carefully subjected to before and after pictures,

celebrity endorsements,and endorsements by

medical professionals, irresistible infomercials and

a new diet book every week. You almost have to

admire an industry that brings in an estimated

$50 billion a year yet fails the vast majority of

people about 95% of the time.  How can they

possibly be so “successful” on one hand and such

a dismal failure on the other? It’s really simple.

Your failure is what keeps them going. They are

in the story-telling and influence business, not the

weight loss business. This swell of emotions

provides the perfect mixture of desperation and

vulnerability. Then, I’m sorry to say, it’s



And no industry does it better than the weight loss industry.


It’s Time to Rise above the Hype and Empty Promises

I have to proceed with the belief that you really

want to lose weight. It’s not my place to question

your intentions, but I have coached and counseled

hundreds of people over the past 20 years. I know

what success and failure look like.  There are

no gimmicks. However, there are successful and

unsuccessful strategies, and I want you to

understand the difference.  I have managed health

supplement companies for over 15 years and

developed dietary weight loss programs for the

population of patients and customers we served.  

The following four points are both revealing

and critical to understand. 


TRUTH # 1 

Modern day stubborn weight gain is caused by a

combination of factors. They include metabolic

imbalances, damage to your metabolism, and

disruption of the feel-good chemicals in your brain,

blood sugar problems, sweet cravings, carbohydrate

addiction, emotional eating, over-reactive stress

response and loss of impulse control. These factors

set up a downward spiral that causes your brain to

shut down fat burning. 



Simple nutrient rich products in the morning are

best and there is nothing better than a high quality

protein shake and greens blended with your

favorite water, almond milk or other favorite beverage.

Within minutes of ingesting, you will feel satisfied,

energized and ready for the day.  A quality plant

based protein and greens will enhance brain function

and give you the feeling of satisfaction for two to

three hours.  You are creating an alkaline environment

in your body and most breakfasts do the opposite with

acidic foods and acid producing products like coffee,

sugar, bagels and breakfast bars.



Changing your eating habits is absolutely mandatory

,but going “on a diet” is a waste of time. Diets equal

drudgery and resistance, and people just don’t stick

with them. There are two factors in the typical American

diet that will kill your chances of losing that stubborn fat.

They are the insane over-consumption of bad

carbohydrates (refined sugar, fructose, flours/grains)

and bad fats (refined, denatured, deodorized, heated

fats and oils).



Health Made Simple.  Imagine a company

that is very advanced from a product design

perspective, but makes the use and benefits of

their products easy and simple.  Products have

to taste great; the SevenPoint2 shake is nicknamed

“the shake that tastes like cake” and it does!  

Nothing artificial, no GMO ingredients,

no sugars and gluten-free.  So smart of a

protein that the ingredients in the protein help

you burn fat faster.  Non-dairy and completely

allergen free. 



We all experience stress. But there are forms of stress that severely damage our metabolism and set the stage for degenerative disease.

You’ve heard the statement “stress kills.”Not necessarily. There are forms of

stress that our minds and bodies need for optimal health. Regular exercise is an example.  

Some of you exercise less

because of pain, inflammation and

a lack of mobility as a result.  

Bothstress and pain are highly destructive to your overall health.  For right now, it’s enough for you to know that stress and pain from inflammation are  a few of the reasons you gained the weight and why it can seem so darn hard to get it off.




Recovery with HydroFX® tablets that are easy to

take and are clinically tested to work against

inflammation and become the way of the future for

cellular health.

Relief can be immediate and lasting but without

a doubt, Recovery with HydroFX® is well worth the

try to feel better and get the recovery for what

ails you! The SevenPoint2 Alkaline Booster is better

known as “the hall pass”.  This product is designed

as the best mineral supplement to be taken at night or

when you slip a bit and deviate from that alkaline diet

or just hit a fast food outlet because it was the only

place for food when you were travelling.  No problem,

the remedy is as easy as a few capsules of

Alkaline Boosters. 


The typical weight loss supplements on the market

today are either ineffective, dangerous or cause

rebound weight gain. The trend today is to hype the

idea of speeding up your metabolism and increasing

your energy to lose weight. This is a very bad idea!

No matter what the supplement maker may say,

they almost always use stimulants like caffeine.

Here’s the problem. Caffeine and other stimulants

do the exact same thing as toxic emotions.

They trigger a mini stress response. Caffeine

works by causing your adrenal glands to

secrete your stress hormones adrenalin

and cortisol. The temporary effect might be

some weight loss, and I do mean might.

Interestingly, time-released caffeine has merit,

but the cost of the raw material often negates

its use in the supplement world.

However, even though the scale might look good

for a few days, it won’t last and you more than

likely lost your valuable muscle tissue and water,

not fat! Then, as soon as your body adjusts to the

stimulant, you get to experience something

called rebound weight gain. You gain all of the

weight back…and maybe more.


Alkalinity and healthy products that make it easy

for you to achieve the alkaline lifestyle and level

of health.  SevenPoint2 takes away the messy

juicer or the difficult to ingest “healthy greens”

products that taste like you licked a lawn mower.

 Books on alkalinity are everywhere and the clinical

studies that support the concept for preventing

illness are too many to read!  Join us today and

experience Health Made Simple!

SevenPoint2 Health Practitioner Spotlight
Dr. Jon Gundlach, DC
Irvine, CA
Recovery Holds Answers For Athletes

A 16 year old girl comes into my office with left patellar tendonitis.  She is a high school cross country runner.  She hasn’t been able to run for two weeks because of the pain.  After treating her four times with the best soft tissue treatment available, I could tell mechanically everything was functionally normal.  


However, the pain was still there and the athlete was crying because she didn’t think she would be able to run in CIF.  I decided to have her take three Recovery 3 times a day starting immediately.  Four days later the pain was 70% gone and she had just run her first practice in three weeks.  Two days after that she ran her first race in almost a month and cut 30 seconds off her best time ever!  Of course the knee pain was gone as well.  Everyone one was amazed.   In fact the top runner on her team wanted to try this new Recovery product.  I had her take two Recovery three times a day but also told her to take four Recovery 15 minutes before her race.  She cut 20 seconds off her top time and a college coach, who came to watch, asked why she looked so much better than the week before!  Recovery was her answer.  The coach answered her with a scholarship offer!

One of the top running coaches in Southern California heard about this and decided to try an experiment.  He had two elite high school runners that he worked with daily.  In the last three races these two runners had finished almost exactly one minute apart.  He gave the slower one six Recovery a day plus four Recovery before the race.  He started the trial on monday and the race was saturday.  Nothing else changed in all of their workout routine.  Amazingly the slower runner was only 20 seconds behind in the next race.  He made up 40 seconds on his fellow runner.  Both of these high school boys were huge fast food eaters.  Imagine if they added the Shake and Greens to their regiment? 


These statements and patient examples have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Patient and consumer outcomes may vary and your individual results may vary significantly from those mentioned in this article.  Please see a qualified health care practitioner before engaging in any health program or supplement protocol.

Testimonial Corner
“I’m Tom Lucas, 55yrs old.  I started out at 206 lbs on October 1st, 2013, and by December 15th I was at 165 lbs.  I went from a 40″ waist down to 32″ without exercising!  I did this by drinking a Shake and Greens for breakfast and lunch, eating fruit in between and having lean meat and organic vegetables for dinner.
Since I started, I sleep well and feel more energized on a daily basis.  SevenPoint2 products have also allowed me to decrease my diabetes medication by half and have reduced my blood sugar by over 40 points.  This product has totally changed my life, and I can now bend over and tie my shoes without grunting.
Thank you, Dr. Cohn for these incredible products.  I am a new man now!!”

DISCLAIMER: These statements and patient examples have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Patient and consumer outcomes may vary and your individual results may vary significantly from those mentioned in this article.  Please see a qualified health care practitioner before engaging in any health program or supplement protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  7.2 Shake is a vegetarian formula, but I heard meat and dairy is a better source of protein, right? 

A:  Dead wrong!

Two of the most pervasive myths about vegetarian diets concern protein:

Myth 1: It is hard to get enough protein on a vegetarian diet

Myth 2: Plant protein does not contain all essential amino acids and you have to carefully combine plant foods in your diet in order to get the “right” protein.

Both of these are false.


Q:  How much protein do we need?


A:  This has been studied extensively.


The protein requirement is not really for protein per se, but for amino acids. We break down all protein we eat into its constituent amino acids and absorb them that way. That’s why diabetics can’t just take insulin orally — the insulin is a peptide hormone, and it would be broken down into its amino acid constituents as it passes through the digestive tract. It doesn’t matter what the source of the amino acid is, beef, egg, or soybean. We really need to get the eight essential amino acids from diet, and it doesn’t matter where they come from. The often quoted protein quality has nothing to do with the amino acid quality; lysine from beans has the same chemical structure as lysine from eggs.


What about protein quality? Many people have been taught that animal proteins are superior to plant proteins because animal proteins have more essential amino acids per gram of protein, some animal proteins are better digested than plant proteins and that the amino acid profiles of animal proteins better match a theoretical ideal protein than plant proteins.

It is true that animal proteins tend to have more essential amino acids per gram of protein, in general, than plant protein. But so what? We get too much protein in our diets anyway. A 12 oz. T-bone steak supplies a whopping 70 grams of protein. Pity our poor kidneys. It’s worthwhile to note that excessive amounts of the sulphur containing amino-acids (methionine and cysteine) have adverse health effects. Generally only animal proteins contain large quantities of this amino acid. Many studies indict excessive protein intake by linking chronic diseases to excess protein in the diet. There is also a limit to the amount of protein we assimilate at any one time. This limit is around 25 grams. Excess protein is broken down and stored as fat. So are animal proteins at an advantage? Maybe not. What do we get from a 12 oz. T-Bone? Fat and probably sick.


Alkaline Recipe Spotlight
Super Salad
Give your body a fresh clean start this New Year with detoxing, alkalizing, good for your total body meals! This delicious and colorful salad can be modified throughout the year to match in-season veggies or personal preferences.  Just make sure to keep it organic, non-GMO and within the correct alkaline-acidic proportions, and you’re on your way to a healthy new you!
1/2 head of your favorite lettuce, washed, spun & torn
handful spinach
handful of baby kale, torn
10 stems parsley, chopped
10 stems cilantro, chopped
1 handful pea shoots
1 handful sprouts, broccoli, alfalfa, radish etc.
1/2 carrot, julienned or grated
6 cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 cup thinly sliced red cabbage
6 radishes, quartered
1/2 stalk celery, sliced (I love the celery heart ribs)
1/2 watermelon radish, slivered
1/2 avocado, sliced
juice of 1/2 lemon
4 Tbsp organic extra virgin olive oil
1 lg clove of garlic, finely minced, not pressed
nice pinch of Himalayan salt
fresh ground black pepper
1 drop liquid alcohol free stevia, or 1/2 tsp maple syrup-both are optional
Start with the dressing so the flavours can mingle.  Wisk together all dressing ingredients and set aside.  Place greens as the base of the salad and arrange all the veggies in little groupings around the perimeter adding the pretty radish in the center.  Serve with dressing and toss salad well. Dig in and enjoy!
Recipe by:  The Alkaline Sisters

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