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How do you spend your money?


If you were asked this question today, how would you answer?

A few years ago when I started my career as a health professional, my intentions were to work hard, save money and buy a nice car to drive. It was a good idea but..
When I bought my first car, it needed fuel,warrant of fitness,license, insurance and monthly maintenance. I realized that a car was a liability, draining my merger resources.

I changed my focus and started saving money to buy a house. Today this house is giving me income every month. It is an investment that will give me profits for along time.

I have gone a step ahead by creating my online business. The road is not smooth, but I know the rewards are enormous and will set me free from debts and enjoy the
lifestyle that successful people do have.

Coming back to the question, how do you spend your money?
Many people will have different priorities.
One of the the successful entrepreneur advises people to spend their money on BDIL in order to be prosperous and enjoy good lifestyle.

BDIL stands for Business, Debt, Investment and Lifestyle.
So to be successful in this ailing economy, spend your money:

*by building a profitable business to create recurring income and be debt free.

*When you have recurring income from your business, you will be free of debts.

*When you are free of debts, you have the capability to invest and have profitable businesses, money will not be an issue to you and,

*You will have the freedom to enjoy a good lifestyle for ever

I have an opportunity that will help you fulfill your dreams.

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