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One of the easiest ways to get backlinks to my site is to write articles and submit them to article directories. Each article I wish to submit to any of the article directories, I make it completely unique.

The reason I don’t want to post the same article to many article directories is simple…
The search engines are filtering out as much duplicate content as they can easily catch duplicate contents during their evaluation process.

The other reason is that I want each article to stand out independently and provide that important back link pointing to my site.

Writing articles has three-fold purposes:

Your article will be informative and contain interesting material about your niche. This will stimulate interest and let people know what your site is offering, which is vital in getting click-through.

The article will also have a link pointing back to your site. Readers will be able to follow the link back to your site, so will the search engine spiders that crawl articles to help create a better index for those who use them search engine services.
The last purpose is that the article will be available for syndication, which means your article and link will be spread through out the internet.

Publishers of ezine and websites can pick up your article and they can post it for others to read as long as they keep your links intact.

When writing articles, use head lines that can capture the attention of the readers and force them into reading your article. The head line, title is a bait or hook, so you should word it so professionally so that the reader is immediately drawn into the main article body.

The body of the article should contain adequate information to keep the person reading so that he or she inevitably comes to the resource box that contains the link to your site. Make sure that it is easy to read, with short paragraphs (2-4 sentences) and bullet point list that draws the eye through the text.

The search engines aren’t going to know whether or not you have written an article that is of top quality or if you have put in a hack job. But they will however detect a bad article that is over loaded with keywords.

You must include a good, clean content because you are representing your site and business opportunity to the readers.

Publishers who read your article will judge your site by the value of your article content and will decide whether or not to add your article to their site.
On the other hand, if your article is badly written, you’re going to lose extra link which you should have received from their site as well as all other links that would have spawned from it.Charles Kaluwasha, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

From my personal experience, writing and submitting articles will bring you both free traffic and back links. So do not underestimate the power of it has and do not take it for granted. One of my best ezine directories is ezine article.com. They even provide resources where they teach you some writing techniques and empower you to produce quality articles.
If you have the passion of writing, sign up with ezine articles.com and become an author today!

Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha


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