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How many eggs are in your basket?

How has your week been?

I have been thinking a lot about your online business.  How is it doing in your opinion?

Now take a moment and imagine your business successful beyond your wildest of dreams.  Close your eyes for a minute and really let your imagination carry you away. How does it feel to be so successful?

What does your online business look like to you?  What kind of a life are you living now that your online business is so successful?  Are you happy?  Is your family happy?

Now let me ask you another question.  Is the effort you are putting into your online business at present equal to the image of your online business being successful beyond what you ever imagined?

Never put eggs eggs in one basket?,

Efforts + Time =Success

It is necessary to invest more time and effort into your online business early on so that you will achieve your vision and ultimate success in your business.  Does that make sense?

So many times people join an affiliate program hoping it will blossom and grow on its own but it does not work that way. Once true momentum has kicked in, you can spend less time managing your online business, but it is still necessary to remain present if you want it to reach your highest of expectations.

It is often suggested to diversify, place your eggs in different baskets so that you have better security. While there is some truth to this, the problem with this philosophy is that each basket can only receive a certain portion of your attention … which means that each basket can then only grow so much (until you have reached that true momentum point in your business, which would then permit you the time to diversify if desired).

Andrew Carnegie, however, says to “Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.”    Watch it like heck I would say.  Be diligent to doing everything within your power to allow those eggs to hatch.

Andrew Carnegie also states that the average person only puts in 25% of his energy and ability into his work.  50% of energy applied makes a person above average and 100% of energy is the person who rises far far above the crowd.

How much energy are you currently putting into your online business?

How much energy will you commit to putting into your online business beginning now, today and beyond?

Be Strong and Stay the Course!

All the best in your  venture!

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