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How To automate Your Online Business in 5 Easy Steps

Automate Your Online Business in Five Easy Steps
(c) Charlie Page

A good friend of mine used to have this saying …
“You’ve heard that the goal is to work smarter, not
harder, right? Well I say the goal is to work LESS!”

Jeff was a wise individual indeed. He saw the Internet
as a tool that offers the ability to set up a business
that runs, as the gurus love to say, on autopilot.

And Jeff achieved his dream, seeing his online business
earn over $250,000 almost completely on autopilot.

So let’s take up Jeff’s words and see how that looks in
the real world.

Here are five ways that you can create an automated
business – one that earns 24 hours a day without your
continuing involvement.


The beauty of pay per click advertising is that you can
set it and forget it.

The key is to create an account with your preferred
provider (these days it’s usually Google or Yahoo) and
establish a fair bid price (what you will pay for every
visitor they send you).

Once you have done that, you can tell your pay per
click provider how much you will spend and they will
keep sending traffic to your site until they reach
*your* budget amount.

What could be better than that?

Now you are getting the traffic you need for a price
you choose and at the rate you choose.

All you need do now is log in to your pay per click
account once a month and make sure things are going
well, and make any adjustments you want.

Super easy traffic control. Profitable too!


If your site is *wildly* successful, you will convince
about 5% of first time buyers to buy now.

But what about the 95% – the ones that don’t buy today?

You’ve got to remind them to return and buy.

And the way to do that is by using an autoresponder.

Email marketing is still the most powerful form of
online advertising, and it can begin working for you

Just make a list of the top ten reasons why someone
should buy from you. Then make each reason into a short
email message. Then set up a form on your site (your
autoresponder company – like Aweber or Send Free will
show you how) and invite people to learn more.

Those who do want to learn more – your best prospects
by the way – will get your ten messages over time and
be prompted to return and buy.

This is TRUE marketing automation.

If you aren’t doing this now, you ARE losing money.


IF you want a site that is always fresh and new (which
the search engines love) and don’t want to spend hours
creating new content, then you need to know about RSS.

RSS is simply a way to display content from other sites
on your site automatically.

My suggestion is to find a good book or article on RSS
and learn more if you think that showing fresh content
on your site is important.


Clickbank is a company through which you can sell your
product and have affiliates too. Selling through
Clickbank is easy and fast.

The best part of working with Clickbank by far is how
they manage your affiliate program FOR you. They
literally do all the work.

* They provide the form you need to sign up affiliates.
* They track clicks and sales.
* Best of all … THEY pay your affiliates for you.

HOT TIP: If you have a brisk affiliate program,
you can forget about fresh content, struggling to
get traffic, and more. Motivated affiliates will
send you all the traffic you need to succeed.


Today there is a trend that is gaining steam called
‘virtual assistants’.

In the old days, we had answering services that would
answer our phones and take messages. This was a win-win
because your phone was answered by a live person and
the message got through.

Now fast forward to the 21st century and discover the
power of virtual assistants.

These well-trained individuals can do almost any task
you need done.

They can …

* Answer your phone
* Answer emails
* Maintain your website
* Run a forum for you
* Do light programming
* Run a support center for you
* And more

You *will* lose some personal touch by using
assistants, but if your goal is to work less, it is a
very cost effective way to go.

Should you automate your business to the point where
you no longer have to work every day?

Only you can decide how much automation is right for
you, and how much you want to personally interact with
clients and others.

But a very high degree of automation is possible if you
structure your business correctly.

By using these methods you can work alone, make a full
time income, and have the free time you want to enjoy
life to its fullest.

And THAT is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page helps people succeed online with products
that educate combined with personal support.

To see all that Charlie offers, including a chance to
work with Charlie personally, visit him now at …


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