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How to avoid distractions and stay focussed on the task at hand!

Distraction online is the most single enemy that affects all of us.If not controlled,one would lose focus and get out of control of the situation. But just as having the right frame of mind is important, so is being focused on the task at hand.
So there are a couple types of distractions that I want to mention.
First is the distraction of new products/systems/ways to make money.
As you probably already know, the Internet is just FULL of new products and new ways to make
money online. It’s very exciting for someone just coming online. Heck, after 3 years of doing
Internet Marketing myself, I still get excited about the new things that are coming out.
But the point here is that once you have picked the system or method that you believe in with your heart, you have to block out intruders that may steal your focus, energy and enthusiasm. Turn off your email for a while or stop reading emails for new product releases. Save them for later when you have your current system running on full steam.
Getting excited about a new product and wanting to try it out every single week is only going to
lead you to do a little bit of work on everything and a lot of work on nothing. You’ll also go broke
spending on everything but earning on nothing. It’s a super common pitfall.
It’s better to choose one thing, stick with it until you are a pro at it, and then move on to the next
new exciting thing. It will be there when your work is done.
John Mayer, a musician, puts it like this about writing a song.
“The first 95% of writing a song is from the love and the inspiration.
The last 5% is out of respect.”
It’s the same with anything online. The first 95% is out of love and excitement and the last 5%
which is all the work and effort and also where the cash starts rolling in, is out of respect for yourself
and what you do!
The second type of distraction that I want to mention is activity distraction. When you are placing
classified ads or writing ads, don’t be checking your Facebook or Myspace pages either. Your messages
will be there when you are done your work.
For that one to two hours that you set aside to work on your business, actually do some some
So my advice, if you don’t already get my drift is that if you are going to do this. SHUT OFF
everything else that can distract you while you are doing it. GET IT DONE.
You’ll see way more results in a shorter period of time.
Ok, now go do it!
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Your friend,

Charles Kaluwasha

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