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How To Find Your Deepest Fulfilment

Every day we pass through challenges of life and lose our vision. Most often we are challenged by the forces of life forgetting that we have something greater within ourselves that can counteract the same forces.

It may not be you at the moment, but someone out there is facing those challenges.
If you have a friend, colleague or family member who is challenged by anxiety, worry or overwhelm, longing to live a much more fulfilling life, I have good news for you.

The Pain of Not getting anywhere…

Julia Mikk the Founder of www.BreathofLove.org  and some renown  coaches in the world will be giving talks  that are deeply devoted to helping people embody peace, go beyond conditioning and remember their True Nature. This true nature can be hard to describe in words yet are often called  ‘pure love’ or ‘innermost freedom’ or ‘power of your Soul’. I have listened to some of the amazing interviews and many people’s lives have been transformed and I am confident that you will find them useful  and uplifting.


  • World renowned experts who will share their own personal stories of finding their deepest fulfillment in life as well as teach their most important tools that have helped them drop the excuses and step into their bigger purpose fully.
  • Two interviews a day delivered directly to your inbox. All of the interviews are pre-recorded (they are 30-40minutes each) so you can watch them at a time during the day that works for you.
  • The links to the videos will be sent to you each morning. Schedule time during the day when you plan to listen to them so that you don’t miss any of the content. You never know, one of our speakers may have the most important key for YOU!
  • Each speaker is offering you a FREE gift to help you find your deepest fulfillment and continue this journey of inspiration and transformation also AFTER the telesummit.

I cannot say much, everything is all laid out on the link below:

Find your deepest fulfilment

With gratitude,


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