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How to generate 20 Leads per Day


Mark Hoverson tells a story that intrigued me to re posit

it on this blog. This story is about how he used to live

on welfare food when he was Just Over Broke (J.O.B).

He was haunted by unproductive time,lack of

sleep and stress. Now he is a mentor,educator and a 7-figure

income earner. You can learn something here!

There are 3 major issues that used to plague
me, bother me, and make me miserable.

#1- Time-famine: I used to hear things like,
“Everyone has the same 24 hours per day.”
Well, I decided to rethink that proverb…more
on that in a minute.

#2- Sleep-debt: I used to be tired. I remember
actively thinking on a Tuesday…”Oh well, I think
I’ll have Saturday afternoon to take a nap.”
I lived drained, nearly exhausted.

#3- Modern Stress: I used to have a sort of
mild neurotic feeling of stress and UN-fulfillment.
I’m not sure the ancient people dealt with the
kind of dissatisfaction that we moderns do.

I don’t have time today to go into the deep
solutions to the above-mentioned maladies.

But let provide 3 hints, and three super practical
resources to help possibly move us toward the

#1- Time-famine: if two different people are both
yearning deeply to build an online business. And
they both get totally immersed in personal development,
goals, etc. But one person generates 5 leads per week,
while the other generates 20 leads per week. The person
generating 20 leads per week is likely to be full-time
4 times faster than the other. And the full-timer will
be able to quit their job (which opens up about 40
hours of new time per week…probably 5-10 hours more
when you factor in the commute, PLUS the full timer will
be able to hire out lame work around the house, like
the lawn, honey-do lists, cleaning…and probably open
up another 10 hours per week).

My point?  Time is almost TOTALLY elastic based upon
your income machine. I could write a book on this
subject because it’s changed my life so much. But let
me leave you with this: if you aren’t cranking in new
leads everyday, you stand virtually zero chance of
making it as an online marketer. Zero. My boys Ray
and Ferny are opening a course that is guaranteed
to show you how to create 20+ leads per day. It’s
definitely worth looking into as a possible purchase:


#2- Sleep-debt: if you are tired, you are not fully
experiencing each moment. When I qualified
for welfare, I used to wake up with a sore jaw
because I would grind my teeth each night.
Plus, we were sleeping on a 20 year old bed
that was a joke. One of the biggest reasons I
joined online marketing was to sleep-in and take
naps if I wanted to. Period. Let me encourage you
on a secret: if you want to feel a new surge of
energy and joy…live on no one schedules but your
own…100% by your choice. And then find a dream
bed. For me, it was a fancy tempur-pedic bed. I
sleep like a weaned child nowadays.

#3- Modern Stress: we moderns have the greatest
advancement of happiness options in the history
of human life. Several thousand years of research
in medicine and wellness, new gadgets that make
a nearly 100% ergonomically-friendly life possible.
Financial structures (like network marketing and
affiliate marketing, and the ease of info-marketing
and the fantasy of e-commerice) allow for wealth
creation at dizzying speeds

Yet, in all that, I think the simple financial stress
of it all buries people in the swamp. I’m not exaggerating
when I say that overcoming financial stress is way
easier than people think. For instance, my friend
Vincent Ortega Jr, started working with me a little over
a month ago. His info-business was tanking. His optimism
was fading fast. I think he told me he earned like $2500
the month before we met. But then, he started tapping into my

mindset training, money-getting businesses, and my blueprints
for creating a quantum business leap. And no kidding,
he’s already flew past $20K this month, and thinks he
could hit up to $50K by the end of this month.

Now he’s sharing the 3 keys he learned from me to radically change his life in less than 30 days.
Radically. You can too if you join hands with right people at the right time and write your own story.


I hope you have picked out some important mind setting ideas that can

help you live a better life.


All the best,
Charles Kaluwasha
Viral eXpress Charter Member
(206) 801-1910

Even when opportunity knocks a man still has to get up off
his seat and open the door! ~ General Douglas MacArthur


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