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How to Get Out of Your Rut Before January 31st! YOU need this vital skill now!!…



So let me guess…

You made a resolution for 2013 to really CRANK up your business.

You decided that there’s no more messing around, and you’re going to do
whatever it takes to get your business to where you KNOW is possible…

You’re going to make this thing SOAR and this is your year to do it!!

But now, it’s two weeks into January of 2013, and you’re starting to
panic a bit because well…your New Years resolutions are beginning to wane
a little bit.

That’s because you still have the same skill set this year that you did last year!!

Okay, here’s the deal…

You chose to start a home business, and you chose for that business to be
MLM… or something close to it.

In order for your business to SOAR and not SOUR…you need to get VERY good
at ONE thing…FAST!!

RECRUITING People Into Your Business!!…

Luckily for you, MLSP has brought in one of the biggest heavy hitters in

the home business arena when it comes to recruiting for their Wednesday

Weekly Webinar!!

This Wednesday January 16th at precisely 9PM Eastern, MASTER recruiter Bill

Pescosolido is going to share all when it comes to bringing people into your


This is one that you DO NOT want to miss no matter what!! Cancel all your

appointments; tell the world to leave you alone…and GET ON THIS WEBINAR!!

Your business depends on it!!


Just check out this little piece of what Bill’s going to be revealing to

YOU on this Webinar…

•    Exactly what’s holding you back in your business today, how to get

over that HUMP (even if it looks like mountain at this point), and start

producing some MASSIVE results today!!

•    Why YOU are your own worst enemy… and how to get of your own way
and start zooming forward!!…

•    Covert mind tricks and secrets to finally getting over your fear of
prospecting, and be able to stop hiding behind your computer, grab your
phone like you mean it…and start calling prospects EVERYDAY without an
ounce of hesitation on YOUR part…

•    How to talk to your leads, create instant rapport…and KNOW exactly
what to say, how to say it, guiding the conversation to get the answers
that you’re looking for…turning you into a recruiting MACHINE…

•    And tons more!!

This is going to be a NO-nonsense, NO-fluff, NO-filler webinar… as usual
with MLSP!!

Bill Pescosolido is the # 1 recruiter world wide in his primary business.
He’s a highly sought after coach and mentor.  … And to top it off,
he’s got 16 years of Corporate America experience in SALES and consulting
to back it all up…

Bottomline…the guy knows what he’s talking about. He’s going to show
YOU how to turn things around in your business QUICKLY on Wednesday at 9PM


When someone like Bill talks about recruiting for FREE like he will on
Wednesday, people line up in droves to listen!!

This means you’ve got to register to ensure you can get on this Webinar,
otherwise you’ll be left out in the cold, while your competition listens


https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/234217057Exposure is everything!

See you on Wednesday,

Charles Kaluwasha


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