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How To Outrun Your Bills, And Get Way ahead of The Game



Making money while playing golf

Making money while playing golf

One of my mentors,Mark Hoverson,the man behind GRN teaches us that One of the most powerful motivators to outrun your bills, and get way ahead of the game…and build systems and profit centers that pay you even if you chill a little
…is that you purchase yourself the space to actually catch your breath…and meditate on what you want your life to really become.

It’s hard though to do that when you are nervous about the mortgage, the dentist bills, and the growing anxiety that time is racing away and your potential isn’t being given a chance
to really flex and roar and dance and stuff like that.
Many people are caught up in the wage slave where they give up all thier time and energy but live from pay check to the other without getting ahead. Bills are heaping monthly,they do not have the peace of mind at all. They are filled with fear…how will they pay for their bills, take their children to school,college or visit their GP.
Its time to look for that freedom, get out of the wage slavery.

Even people in more oppressed countries are rising against
their governments and seeking liberty of thought and
life…I think that is actually happening with the working class
through out the world, Big fat schools and corporations and pointless jobs are growing more and more nauseating to people.

The trend is changing,people are craving independence to pursue their creative potentials now more than ever. And the old
paradigms of work are being reinvented every year.
In a recent edition of one  the business magazine (FAST COMPANY) it was reported that by the year 2020…4 out of 10 people will be free agents…working as intraprenuers and affiliates (basically 4 out of 10 people will be getting a 1099 for their taxes instead of a W2).

Because of this inevitable fact, the online world  is exploding at a pace that we cannot keep up with. The demand for training and solutions for people who want to enter our market is so intense now than it  was a couple years ago (for instance, when I meet
someone on a plane or in a social setting…I don’t
tell them I’m an internet marketer because they will
immediately spill their dreams on me and I’m just not
in the mood to talk one on one very much anymore with
people who are not working directly with me…I have to
protect my energy for the people who are paying clients
and business partners…and the rest goes to my friends
and family).

So if you want to learn share some tactical things
about how to grow your business, sign up with our Viral Express Team Now and we shall show you how to outrun your bills, and get way ahead of the game…and build systems and profit centers that pay you even if you chill a little .

And we have lots of cool things in the pipeline, possibly by April.

P.S.Those who join us now will have more advantages. Join us now

Charles Kaluwasha



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