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How to Profit from Amazon sales without having to do the hard work

Want to Profit from Amazon sales without having to do the hard work, or even have an Amazon account?
Please see below for the latest update on INFINii (Launching Dec 1st).

Why is INFINii such a huge opportunity?

Imagine being able to profit from Amazon sales without having to
do the hard work, or even have an Amazon account!
No introducing others required to earn a lucrative income – however,
you can earn a lot more when you do!
Why is it so significant?
Because in 2014 alone, Amazon’s global net revenue exceeded 
$88 Billion dollars! What if there was a way for you to tap into a
little piece of that pie by participating in a co-op style program with
as little as a $10 outlay and earning back significant profits over a
short period of time? And what if you could participate in this
program up to 20 times per month? Are you beginning to see
the big picture?
The Key Part of This Opportunity – Springboard Co-op Income!
You’ll find shopping co-ops that you can purchase “seats” in. With the
click of a button, you select the products (different products will be
available for the different levels) and the products will be
automatically purchased by INFINii, then listed, then sent in
to Amazon to be sold. You will then be paid the profits on your
seats as the sales are created. Because INFINii is buying in bulk,
they get very good pricing and exclusive deals that are not available
to individuals. Products include branded products that sell in high 
INFINii has a team of experts that create the listings and drive
traffic to Amazon to ensure optimal sales. With a 27 month track
record of over 50,000 active affiliates achieved $2.4 Billion in
sales. This company does not guess about this stuff, they
know exactly what they are doing! The co-op is PERFECT for
international customers/affiliates as it is completely hands-off,
you don’t even need an Amazon account to participate in the
co-ops! Just let INFINii do all the negotiation, sales, advertising,
etc., while you keep your share of the profits.
They are the leading team in INFINii with the majority of
the company’s leaders on the our team!  You will have access
to all the Team Marketing Systems that work so well every time
doing your recruiting and sales for you; saving you time and
helping to make even more profits.
The systems are 100% TOP NOTCH and Exclusive to our Team.
You’ll be joining THE BEST AND BIGGEST TEAM in the company
with great Leadership, Support, Marketing Systems, Bonuses and a
WHOLE LOT more! Please DO NOT miss this Incredible launch.
Simply get back to the Team Member who shared this update
with you and provide them with your info, so you can be included
in the Dec 1st Launch.  Timing is everything…
Details on this link…
We need the following info by email:

Your Full name:

Your best email :

The username you would like to use in infinii ( and an alternative ):

The Subscription level you would like to start with:

Whether you are Passive OR a recruiter:

Let’s help you start 2016  with a profitable opportunity!

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