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How To Recover From Stressful Demands

How To Recover From Stressful Demands
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Stress and fatigue is something that many people experience at some stage in their lives. This is common to those who are starting a new career, business, marriage and promotion because there is lot to learn while expecting high productivity.
In the short term, most people cope well by using strategies that help to maintain a life balance.
Sharing your concerns with someone you trust, get opinions from forums, team leaders and mentors.
Asking for help when you need it,accept support and opportunities when offered to you.
Acknowledge your own failure and emulate those who have succeeded in life or business.

However, if you continue to drain your mental and physical resources as a result of poor sales, you then expose yourself to possible Stress or Fatigue, resulting in reduced ability to cope with the demands of Life or Business.

What is Stress?

It is what we feel when we think we have lost control of our emotional Balance or it is the inability to cope with events in our lives.
Stress can come from any situation or a thought that makes you feel frustrated,angry,nervous or even anxious. This is common when you are not getting the leads that your business needs to convert subscribers to become buyers.
There are times when you put your Business in Over-drive but no income is coming through. You feel your energy is completely drained.
The best thing is seek help or start all over again by mapping out new strategies tom resuscitate your Business. I had a similar situation when I started my Network Business. Computer was new to me and the network language was too difficult to comprehend. I almost gave up. Thankfully, i had to consult with my up-line and mentors who encouraged and gave me the strength to continue.

Here are some of the remedies to help you recover from stressful demands…
1Rest and sleep- useful if you have an auto responder service otherwise your business will go to sleep as well.
2.Eat a balanced diet
3.Have time for relaxation
4.Exercise for example, Golf, morning runs,mount biking and any sport that you enjoy.
5.Visit friends and relatives.
6.Attend social events.
7.Go out for a holiday.

This is when you have been carrying out activities which drain your mental and physical reserves and feeling weak or tired. Basically the body is telling you that you need to rest or sleep. So do not ignore these signs and symptoms. They are devastating to your body leading to a condition called Occupational Overuse Syndrome.
You will start experiencing discomforts or pain in your muscles,tendons and other soft tissues, with or without physical signs.
So play it safe and be a healthy Marketer!

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  1. Anonymous March 18, 2008 at 10:28 pm #

    A very good article for every day life. I would recommend it to freinds.

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